Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pre-Halloween Fun - San Francisco Castro!

Above: Me, Richard and Paul at The Bar on Castro!

Last night we went out in the Castro dressed up as Batman and Robin (yes the costume still fits - barely!) This is the last year we are doing the dynamic duo so we thought we would go out on the town a week early along with many others to have fun! Hands down the best and most popular costume was none other than Ms. Sarah Palin!

Above: Sarah Plain shows her love for the gay duo!

Above: Robin & The Mad Hatter at The Mix!

Above: Enemies CAN be friends - The Riddler shares the love with the dynamic duo.

Above: Great costume! Pinocchio!

Above: Pinocchio using his puppet strings.

Above: Batman and David.

Above: David and Ryan share a laugh at The Midnight Sun.

Above: More costumes at The Mix.

Above: Stragglers roaming the streets of San Francisco.

Zach picked out his costume a few weeks ago and we let him wear it out on the town last week. Check out the fun he had!

Above: Check out Zach's traffic stopping brown eyes!

Above: Zach arresting his father!

Above: Officer Zach getting the local newspaper.

Above: Patrolling the streets.

Stay tuned for more Halloween fun coming this weekend!

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