Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pre-Halloween Fun - San Francisco Castro!

Above: Me, Richard and Paul at The Bar on Castro!

Last night we went out in the Castro dressed up as Batman and Robin (yes the costume still fits - barely!) This is the last year we are doing the dynamic duo so we thought we would go out on the town a week early along with many others to have fun! Hands down the best and most popular costume was none other than Ms. Sarah Palin!

Above: Sarah Plain shows her love for the gay duo!

Above: Robin & The Mad Hatter at The Mix!

Above: Enemies CAN be friends - The Riddler shares the love with the dynamic duo.

Above: Great costume! Pinocchio!

Above: Pinocchio using his puppet strings.

Above: Batman and David.

Above: David and Ryan share a laugh at The Midnight Sun.

Above: More costumes at The Mix.

Above: Stragglers roaming the streets of San Francisco.

Zach picked out his costume a few weeks ago and we let him wear it out on the town last week. Check out the fun he had!

Above: Check out Zach's traffic stopping brown eyes!

Above: Zach arresting his father!

Above: Officer Zach getting the local newspaper.

Above: Patrolling the streets.

Stay tuned for more Halloween fun coming this weekend!

Death by Web Posts

I saw the above article in the latest issue of Newsweek. It struck a chord with me because, as most of you know, I have an online stalker and it really is only a matter of time before there are stricter laws towards online stalkers, online bashings and other slanderous remarks people make about others online. The article talks about how one woman killed herself after being bashed online over a period of time. I am in no way at that point or ever felt that way nor will I ever be at that point. It also states how laws are being put into effect about this issue. This article is reported out of South Korea, but it's only a matter of time before these laws reach the states. It's an interesting read. The Internet is the perfect place for a coward, they hide behind the computer and attack people, but in the "real world," they would never have the guts to say what they say online to that persons face.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

How are you voting on Prop 8?

Did you know that voting Yes on Prop 8 would make the world perfect!?!? According to this bright light in the video above, if all children are raised with a mother and a father, and gays are not given the rights to marry, the whole world will be perfect! Shit! If we all would have known this insightful revelation we all could be living in a perfect world right now with our mommies and daddies. WHOOP-DEE-DOO! I am constantly amazed at the abundance of stupidity in this world today. Does she realize that most children are brought up in broken homes with only one parent present? Should we take away their rights to raise children since another parent is absent? Aye Carumba!

Please vote No on Prop 8 - taking anyone's rights away is wrong.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Got Hope? You Betcha!

The film "Milk" is coming to theaters next month. I really didn't know much about Harvey Milk until I moved to San Francisco. He's a huge inspiration to so many including myself. This video clip above was sent to me by my friend Jon. It really hits home with me because I was that kid he is talking about in this clip that was kicked out of my home for being gay, that was ridiculed and beaten at school for being being brave enough to be open about my sexuality. Harvey Milk paved the way for me to be who I am today. He's inspired me to get my own story out into the world so I can continue his vision of inspiration through telling my unique story of survival, determination and victory. It all begins here...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Above: A blast from the past, Paul and Zach 2006.

Hard to believe that I have been with Paul, and part of Zach's life, for 4 years now! Wow, time sure does fly. Here's a little trip down memory lane over the past four years with these two wonderful guys! I love both of you very much and look forward to many many more years of a wonderful life with both of you!

The Future!?!?

Click the above image to interact with what could be the future for all of us, make sure you click on the many things in the office, especially the door!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Off to War...

Above: God, this picture scares me for so many reasons, Zach's only a kid - seeing him on a tank with a gun sends chills doen my spine.

This past weekend was pretty busy, I was getting over the flu and we had Zach so we wanted to spend some time outside of the house and away from the flu zone!

Above: Zach waiting his turn to play on the field.

Above: Zach playing a game of soccer - he's the one in the red hooded sweatshirt.

Zach had his Saturday morning soccer meet. He is finally getting into it, which is nice. Watching him play, he is very skilled with kicking the soccer ball and maneuvering it. He likes to take his time with the ball rather than run fast and go all over the field. It's nice to see him getting into soccer.

Above: Zach getting behind the wheel of an army truck.

Above: Ready for combat.

After the soccer game we all headed to Fleet Week! The planes have been practicing all week for the air show and we were finally going to go see the show. Paul, Carrie and me walked to the air show from the Marina, Zach rode his bike. - It was a perfect day! All of us were expecting Zach to be into all the planes flying in the sky doing tricks and what have you, but Zach hardly noticed the planes. Zach was infatuated with the real life army men, the tanks, the guns, the missiles etc. He is really into army figures, tanks and anything having to do with the army right now - he has a slew of toys relating to that. For Zach to see real army guys and equipment sent him over the edge.

Above: Boys like guns...

Above: Zach and Carrie ready to climb aboard the tanker.

Above: Zach's trying out the gear...

Above: Zach trying out the gas mask.

I don't support the war in Iraq - I don't support any war. I don’t believe in killing people and training men and women to be killers. Brainwashing people to make them believe that they are serving their country and risking their life is a good thing is pathetic and I feel sorry for the people that get thrown into that trap. That's my opinion; war should be the very last option, if even an option at all.

Above: Zach asked what every button was used for...

Above: A shot of the air show.

Above: Zach inside a tiny submarine... army officer instruting Zach how the submarine works...

Above:..I am hoping he's not asking Zach if he is old enough to join the army.

Zach is a kid, most boys his age are into thinks like guns, army guys, rough stuff, but in no way would I ever want Zach to go off to the military or a war. I would be devastated. Exposing him to what he is interested as a child is healthy but as he gets older I am hoping he won’t be interesting in actually being in the US military.

Above: Zach getting ready to bowl!

Above: Zach throwing his winning spare ball!

Anyway, I'll get off my rant. We ended the weekend taking Zach bowling and we were quite shocked that Zach can bowl!! He is almost a better bowler than I am! Zach scored a 70 in his first game and then an 82 on his second game getting four spares!! We were shocked at how well he was bowling.

Above: Me acting a fool!

Above: Dad and Zach watch the ball roll slooowwllyy down the lane.

Above: Zach gets an 82 and 3 spares in one string!! Amazing!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Zachary's Political Views

Sorry the video is sideways - Zachary is well aware of the two men running for President - he has seen them on TV and knows their names. The video above shows what he thinks about the two candidates! Too much!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rihanna: The Next Madonna

Congrats to Rihanna for scoring her 5th number one single this week. Her latest single with rapper T.I. "Live Your Life" gives Rihanna more number one singles than any other a female artist this past decade. Rihanna is only 20 years old and is on a path to becoming one of the most successful feamle artists ever. Her new CD comes out in early 2009 and it's already getting huge buzz. Rihanna has stated she will evolve her look with this album and every albuum she releases...hmm sounds familiar. Rihanna is going to be the new Madonna for the next generation.

Below is Rihanna's chart career on the Billboard Charts:

2005 - Pon De Replay - #2
2005 - If It's Lovin' That ou Want - #36
2006 - SOS - #1
2006 - Unfaithful - #6
2006 - We Ride - #107
2006 - Break It Off - #9
2007 - Umbrella - #1
2007 - Shut Up & Drive - #15
2007 - Don't Stop the Music - #3
2007 - Hate That I Love You - #7
2008 - Take a Bow - #1
2008 - Disturbia - #1
2008 - Live Your Life - #1

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Barack Obama

This is the first time that I have been fully engaged with a presidential election. Maybe it’s because this country is in the shitter, maybe because George W. Bush is an asshole, maybe it’s because I want a better future for Zach. I think all of those play a part in my interest and excitement about this coming election but the biggest thing for me is Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a true inspiration for anyone, at least he should be. He’s a REAL person a person that doesn’t come from a family with money, he didn’t grow up in a fancy home and he knows what it’s like to go through hard times and if you haven’t noticed his an African American male. He also only owns one car opposed to McCain owning 13 cars!!! I'll say it again, like Biden, 13 cars!

Just think how much drive and determination Barack Obama had throughout his life to dream of becoming the President of the Untied States. All the people telling him he was a fool to even dream that he could be the President of the United States. Think of the risk Barack is taking at running for President - he's an African American male putting his life on the line and his families lives to run for President

I have never even come close to saying I can relate to a President, what in the world would I have in common with a President. If Barack Obama does become our next President, I will be able to say that I can relate to the President. I have been and still am discriminated against for being a gay male, I have gone through hard times, I grew up in a low income family and I will never stop pushing myself and reaching for what I want to achieve in life. For those of you who know me – you know how much I have overcome and how far I have come – but I am not done.
This coming year I have a huge project I am going to undertake and I am determined to finish it no matter what it takes.

Even if Obama doesn’t become President, which he better, he has been a huge inspiration in pushing me to motivate myself to achieve my goals. For those of you who are in a rut, think your life sucks, are feeling like you can never do what you dream blah blah blah….look at Barack Obama – look at all he had to overcome to be where he is at today. I have said this before and I’ll say it again “For Christ’s Sake – get off your ass and live your life!”If Barack Obama does not inspire you for all he has achieved with the odds stacked against him, then you're not human.

Also, remember this - John McCain doesn't know how to send an email, he is incapable of doing that. Is this someone that will change our country and look ahead to the future? No. Nuff said.