Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rihanna: The Next Madonna

Congrats to Rihanna for scoring her 5th number one single this week. Her latest single with rapper T.I. "Live Your Life" gives Rihanna more number one singles than any other a female artist this past decade. Rihanna is only 20 years old and is on a path to becoming one of the most successful feamle artists ever. Her new CD comes out in early 2009 and it's already getting huge buzz. Rihanna has stated she will evolve her look with this album and every albuum she releases...hmm sounds familiar. Rihanna is going to be the new Madonna for the next generation.

Below is Rihanna's chart career on the Billboard Charts:

2005 - Pon De Replay - #2
2005 - If It's Lovin' That ou Want - #36
2006 - SOS - #1
2006 - Unfaithful - #6
2006 - We Ride - #107
2006 - Break It Off - #9
2007 - Umbrella - #1
2007 - Shut Up & Drive - #15
2007 - Don't Stop the Music - #3
2007 - Hate That I Love You - #7
2008 - Take a Bow - #1
2008 - Disturbia - #1
2008 - Live Your Life - #1

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Ryan Thomas said...

I hope the Madonna pressure doesn't get to her. People said the same about Britney and look at what happened. It seems the difference here is control. I have a feeling Rihanna has a bit more of control of what she's doing, compared to Britney who was a product of a machine.

Rihanna's dedication to great music video production, along with her ability to remain relevant without having to party with the Hollywood girls and her great live performances on TV should place her in the right spot for future success.

Sidenote: You should put the Vogue video up so everyone can enjoy it. It is so awesome!