Friday, August 31, 2007

Creepy Stalker: Stephanie Jones The Best of Everything Joan Crawford Website from Weehawken New Jersey

Above: Stephanie Jones (2009) from the Joan Crawford - The Best of Everything Website.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Russian River Softball Tournament

Above: Pups "D" Team Photo. (left to right back row) Mike, Jase, Joe, Victor & Kurt.
(left to right front row) Derek, Jay, Kyser, Scott, Geena and Me!

Once again, Paul and I were headed back to Russian River this past weekend. This time it was for a softball tournament with several other teams from San Francisco and other California softball teams. Last year my team, The Pups, took the top prize in division “D” and we were hoping to repeat that win.

Above: Jay, Me, Scott and Mike warming up for our first game.

Above: What time is it? 9:15. Number 9 is Kurt and Number 15 is Kyser.

Above: Pups watching the game.

We started of strong by winning all three of our games that we played on Saturday but by the time Sunday game around we ended up only winning one of the three games we played on Sunday, oh well it was still a blast. The Pups "C" team came in second place in their division!

Above: Yup, that's me!

Now we didn’t JUST play softball we also went out to the few local clubs and had a blast. One of the highlights for me was Saturday night at the Triple R. Kyser wanted to do a karaoke duet and I was hesitant since I never do karaoke but I agreed since I was with Kyser. Kyser picked the1982 song “Don’t You Want Me Baby" by Human League. It was a fricken blast! When you pick a karaoke song it should be a song that the crowd can get into and sing-a-long to and that’s just what we did. It was a blast! We also met a really awesome singer, I don’t remember her name but she had a really big voice AND, well she was just big all over!

Above: Oh this picture is too much....the softest pillow ever!!!

Above: Kyser and I bringing down the house!!

Above: "Don't you want me baby! Don't you want me OOOHHHHH!
C'mon sing, you know you want to!

Above: Hotties Cody and Kyser.

It was such a fun time, the other house that we were not staying at had a huge dinner party and both Pup C and D teams got together and had a great time. Check out the fun in the pictures below!

Above: My fave picture of the entire weekend. Paul, Me and Jase.

Above: Victor, Joe, Derek and I at the house party.

Above: Jase looks as if he is ready to take a cat nap.

Above: (left to right) Jeff, Kurt, Joe, Kyser, Jase, Me, Darren and Carlos!

Above: The boys playing Martha Stewart. Joe, Richard and Jay!
Thanks for all the great food!

Above: The party in full swing.

Above: The pool at Russian River Resort.

Above: Check out this tattoo, his entire body!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daisy Kenyon

Above: Joan Crawford in a dramtic scene from "Daisy Kenyon."

I can FINALLY talk about this!!!

Most of you know that I am a big Joan Crawford fan and that I run the official Joan Crawford website with Joan Crawford's grandson, Casey LaLonde. I started the website three years ago as a hobby a way to pay tribute to an actress and a person that has been portrayed terribly in the media after her death in 1977. She deserves to have a new light shed on her and the truth be told. So during the three years I have had this website I have collected hundred of photos, several scrapbooks and other rare items relating to Joan Crawford. I also started a book almost two years ago with fellow Joan fan and author, Michelle Vogel (the book is till coming out, patience patience). AND earlier this year Casey tipped off director Steven Smith about our website and we were both invited to appear on a documentary that will be included on the DVD release of the 1947 movie, "Daisy Kenyon."

Above: Dana Andrews and Joan Crawford are having a lovers quarrel in "Daisy Kenyon."

Paul and I did not want to fly to LA, which is where the documentary was being filmed, so we drove to LA. It was about a six-hour drive but the drive was brutal. It was like we were driving in the middle of nowhere; it was very flat an unattractive, kind of like how I would picture Texas to look like. Paul and I drove through many areas that were actually slaughterhouses and it smelled so bad that both of us were covering our noses and mouths for several minutes. We were laughing hysterically at how bad the smell was, it was pretty funny actually.

When we arrived in LA I was nervous as hell, I had watched "Daisy Kenyon" on the drive down on our portable DVD player, to refresh my memory, and I was all prepared to talk about it. We were a few hours early so we walked around the depressing streets of Hollywood. I could never live in LA. It was time to make our way to the filming spot, which was a really cool noir bar, which was closed, but it was being used as a filming spot. The director was wonderful and super friendly. I met other people on the set that were being interviewed, children of stars that were in the movie.

Above: Peter Fonda and Joan Crawford in the film noir, "Daisy Kenyon."

Before I was interviewed they had to touch up my face with make-up, I was all sweaty from walking around and the make-up lady, Veronica, was so sweet. She really did a great job and she was super friendly and fun. I was ready for the hot seat and boy was it hot! I was under all these lights and it was so quiet and all I could hear was my stomach rumbling. Paul was in the wings watching and giving me thumbs up. The questions were great but I am not used to speaking on camera so I had to make sure I slowed down my talking voice and showed some emotion when I spoke. I was really into it. There was one point where I was asked specifically to say something as a source to what I was talking about and I totally goofed it, Paul and I were laughing so hard... I ended up doing that take five times I think. All in all it was a great experience and I am so thrilled to be a part of this. To thing this all started from a website. It's funny to think that I am going to be known as a Joan Crawford historian and that this documentary will be around long after I am gone.

The DVD will be out soon, I will let everyone know when it comes out. Also, if you would like to read more information about "Daisy Kenyon" go to one of the two link below.

Stay tuned for the next project....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Ruthie, Scott and Hailey parted ways this past Tuesday as they make their way back to Cambridge, MA driving cross country! It was fun to have them out here and see them experience new places and I am sure their journey is still going on right now! They are due back in Massachusetts this Tuesday. So glad all three of you came out here!

Paul and I thought we would convey some of the memorable lines from his mom, dear Ruthie, who we love very much. Some of these quotes are priceless!!

“Hailey, make sure you marry a rich man!”


“I’d never live in San Francisco, it’s too cold.”
(Note: San Francisco never gets below 50 degrees,
Ruthie lives in Boston where it gets as cold as 20 below zero!)


“Well, 3pm is night time for me.”
(A conversation between Paul and Ruthie discussing their trip to Alcatraz,
which departed at 3pm).


When asked if Ruthie wanted to play the board game, Yahtzee.
Her response was, “I don’t gamble!”


“Just park there, it says $3.00 for 12 hours!”
(Ruthie telling Paul to park at a parking garage near Fisherman’s Wharf,
but the sign actually read “Parking $3.00 for a 1/2 hour.”


“I don’t know if we’ll be able to go see the baseball game, Scott’s still got the diarrhea.”


A Conversation with Paul and Ruthie below:

Ruthie: I have to go to the store.

Paul: Well, let’s walk.

Ruthie: I don’t want to carry the groceries back.

Paul: Ok, then let’s drive.

Ruthie: I don’t want to lose our parking spot.

Paul: What are we supposed to do, get a helicopter!!!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Madonna

Happy 49th Birthday to the Queen of Pop!!

Madonna has a new CD coming out the end of this year!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Always a Bridesmaid...

This past Sunday was my last official softball game of the season; my team "The Pups" were two games away from winning first place in our division. So, we had a double header this past weekend and I was really pumped up to win both games and take the first place trophy. Well, we only had nine of our seventeen players show up for our first game, so we were doomed from the start. We all knew in a way that we were at a disadvantage and we were probably not going to win out first game. We were right; we lost by eight or nine runs and were guaranteed a second place title. BLAH. I wanted first!! Oh well, next year.

Above: Me (#23) and my Pups!

On a side note: my team is awesome. When I came to San Francisco I was weary about playing with another team because I loved playing in Boston on the Brushbacks. Paul encouraged me to play and get on a new team and I reluctantly did. At first it was rough, I was "the new guy" and I think a few people (Will) did not like me at first. BUT as the season went on I can now call "The Pups" not only my teammates, but my friends:-) They are a great group of guys and girls (Jen and Amy) and I look forward to playing with you all next year. (Playing on the field, get your mind out of the gutter!)

Above: Go Pups! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Anyway, everyone rocked on the fields this year and we should all be proud of what we accomplished! Let's kick some ass this weekend in the playoffs and when we go to Russian River, let's lose on purpose so we can just lie by the pool at the RRR.! :-)

(Note: I just found out The Pups withdrew from the playoffs to lack of players!)

Above: Click on the picture, how ironic is the sign on the fence!!!!

Above: on base!:-)

Above: Kyser you will be missed next year on The Pups! :-(

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

"The Wizard of Oz” is one of the best films ever. Most everyone is familiar with this film, the characters, the songs and the message it brings to kids of all ages. I heard there was going to be a sing-a-long of “The Wizard of Oz” at the Castro Theatre to celebrate 85 years since the theatre was introduced to San Francisco. I couldn’t think of a better film to celebrate the anniversary of an amazing theatre.

Above: Zach playing with "The Wizard of Oz" props at the theatre.

So, I thought it would be fun for all of us to go to this sing-a-long, especially for Hailey and Zach. It turned out to be a really great time; many of the children and adults were dressed as their favorite character from “The Wizard of Oz.” They also had fun props they handed out for certain parts of the movie. A glitter magic wand was given and to be waved for when Dorothy talked about going home, a little clicker for every time to tin man needed oil, bubbles were to be blown every time Glinda, The Good Witch, was on the screen and we all had to hiss when we saw The Wicked Witch and of course we all had to sing-a-long to all the great songs. It was a blast! Ruthie was born in 1934 so she was five years old when the film came out and remembered her mother taking her to the original release of the film. Ruthie was so scared as a child of the movie that she hid underneath the movie seats! Watching this film on the big-screen I could see how kids would be scared of this movie. Zach was glued to the screen and enjoyed the scenes with The Wicked Witch; he likes “bad guys.”

Above: Hailey and Ruthie at the honey counter trying samples.

Earlier that day we went to a local Farmer’s Market up the street, they sell fresh fruits and vegetables and they also sell the best honey in he world, it’s right from the comb and it comes in several delicious flavors. Zach and I have grown fond of the honey and get a new jar of it ever two weeks! It’s great to use in tea, on toast or even to use instead of jelly on a peanut butter sandwich.

Above: Zach and I getting a little natural sugar high at the honey booth.

Above: Yummy colorful tomatoes.

Above: I just can't stay away from the honey!

Later that night we went to go see the sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s been rather blustery cold here and very windy so we stayed in the car for the most part but did get out to take a few pictures of the bridge around dusk. After that we went to what could be the most perfect place in the world, Sausalito. I love working in this town and everyone loved how quaint and beautiful it was. We went to a really fun toy store and then took a break at a delicious homemade ice cream shop. It was also 20 degrees warmer here. It's funny how on one side of the bridge it's that much warmer than the other! Enjoy the pictures!

Above: All enjoying some delicious ice cream.

Above: Some of the tiniest toys ever!

Above: Freezing my ass off to get a quick picture.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cross Country

Above: The map shows where Ruthie, Scott and Hailey traveled.

Paul’s Mom, Ruthie, his brother Scott and niece, Hailey decided to all DRIVE cross country from Cambridge Ma to San Francisco CA. The main reason they drove s because Ruthie is scared to fly and I think that fear is fine it helped get all three of them to see the country and have a wonderful adventure on the road! Their journey began when they left on Monday July 30th. They traveled down the East Coast through Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and then turning landing in Tennessee. In Tennessee they stopped at the Grand Ole Opry and Graceland. From there they traveled through Arkansas, Oklahoma and on the top portion of Texas. Luckily they didn’t stay in Texas too long, they would never come out the same! They headed through New Mexico and stopped in Arizona where they visited the Grand Canyon and also encountered a monsoon! They finally arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 8th! I really wish they had a video camera the entire time in the car; I would have loved to see a play-by-play of that trip! I envision it to be a modern day version of National Lampoon's Vacation.

Above: Ruthie, Hailey, Scott, Me and Paul at Barney's chowing down.

There first night they arrived, we laid low and headed to my favorite burger joint, Barney’s. This place has the best burgers and milkshakes in the world and I wanted to share them with everyone. The burgers are usually piled with your favorite toppings and they taste delicious. The milkshakes come in the old fashion metal cup, Hailey had half of a vanilla AND chocolate shake! After that we all went home waiting Zachary’s arrival from Boston but Carrie and Zach ‘s plane was delayed for more than six hours!!

Above: Zach puts the candles in Daddy's birthday cake.

On Thursday, August 9th, Paul and I had to go to work and Zachary arrived first thing in the morning. It was great to see both Zach and Carrie after not seeing them for more than 2 weeks. Zach was in great spirits and was excited to see everyone, especially his Daddy! Ruthie, Scott and Hailey relaxed at our place and Ruthie cooked her famous lasagna. MMMMM a nice home cooked meal! That night we also had a huge chocolate cake for Paul’s birthday! Paul’s birthday week continues!

Above: Waiting for the cake!!!

On Friday, Paul took the day off from work to explore Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard St. (the famous crooked street) and Dolores Park with everyone. Later that night we went to AT&T Park to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now…San Francisco in August is nowhere near what it’s like in Boston in August. It’s cold here, VERY cold. It feels like November in Boston at night. We all had great seats, right behind homerun king, Barry Bonds, but we were all popsicles it was so chilly! Zachary had a blast at the game. He was cheering for Barry to hit a homerun and Zach also showed us his hitting skills at the child’s park. Hailey and Zach also had blast going down the large coca cola slide and chasing each other around the park. See photo gallery below...

Stay tuned for more adventures over the weekend….

Above: Paul and Zach enjoying the Giants game.

Above: Hailey and I , gosh we look like we are related!

Above: Zach is heckling Barry Bonds after he missed a fly ball.

Above: Three great profiles.

Above: Zach devours more than half of the famous garlic fries.

Above: Zach and I getting our picture taken by a photographer at the Giants game,
hence the watermark. I am going to purchase the photo, I love it.

Above: Zach waiting his turn to go up and bat.

Above: Zach up at the plate swinging at the ball!

Above: Grams, Hailey and Scott making faces.

Above: Hailey catches the San Francisco Mascot, Lou Seal,
before we leave the park.

Above: Zach ending the night by sticking his tongue out at his grandmother.