Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

"The Wizard of Oz” is one of the best films ever. Most everyone is familiar with this film, the characters, the songs and the message it brings to kids of all ages. I heard there was going to be a sing-a-long of “The Wizard of Oz” at the Castro Theatre to celebrate 85 years since the theatre was introduced to San Francisco. I couldn’t think of a better film to celebrate the anniversary of an amazing theatre.

Above: Zach playing with "The Wizard of Oz" props at the theatre.

So, I thought it would be fun for all of us to go to this sing-a-long, especially for Hailey and Zach. It turned out to be a really great time; many of the children and adults were dressed as their favorite character from “The Wizard of Oz.” They also had fun props they handed out for certain parts of the movie. A glitter magic wand was given and to be waved for when Dorothy talked about going home, a little clicker for every time to tin man needed oil, bubbles were to be blown every time Glinda, The Good Witch, was on the screen and we all had to hiss when we saw The Wicked Witch and of course we all had to sing-a-long to all the great songs. It was a blast! Ruthie was born in 1934 so she was five years old when the film came out and remembered her mother taking her to the original release of the film. Ruthie was so scared as a child of the movie that she hid underneath the movie seats! Watching this film on the big-screen I could see how kids would be scared of this movie. Zach was glued to the screen and enjoyed the scenes with The Wicked Witch; he likes “bad guys.”

Above: Hailey and Ruthie at the honey counter trying samples.

Earlier that day we went to a local Farmer’s Market up the street, they sell fresh fruits and vegetables and they also sell the best honey in he world, it’s right from the comb and it comes in several delicious flavors. Zach and I have grown fond of the honey and get a new jar of it ever two weeks! It’s great to use in tea, on toast or even to use instead of jelly on a peanut butter sandwich.

Above: Zach and I getting a little natural sugar high at the honey booth.

Above: Yummy colorful tomatoes.

Above: I just can't stay away from the honey!

Later that night we went to go see the sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s been rather blustery cold here and very windy so we stayed in the car for the most part but did get out to take a few pictures of the bridge around dusk. After that we went to what could be the most perfect place in the world, Sausalito. I love working in this town and everyone loved how quaint and beautiful it was. We went to a really fun toy store and then took a break at a delicious homemade ice cream shop. It was also 20 degrees warmer here. It's funny how on one side of the bridge it's that much warmer than the other! Enjoy the pictures!

Above: All enjoying some delicious ice cream.

Above: Some of the tiniest toys ever!

Above: Freezing my ass off to get a quick picture.

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