Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daisy Kenyon

Above: Joan Crawford in a dramtic scene from "Daisy Kenyon."

I can FINALLY talk about this!!!

Most of you know that I am a big Joan Crawford fan and that I run the official Joan Crawford website with Joan Crawford's grandson, Casey LaLonde. I started the website three years ago as a hobby a way to pay tribute to an actress and a person that has been portrayed terribly in the media after her death in 1977. She deserves to have a new light shed on her and the truth be told. So during the three years I have had this website I have collected hundred of photos, several scrapbooks and other rare items relating to Joan Crawford. I also started a book almost two years ago with fellow Joan fan and author, Michelle Vogel (the book is till coming out, patience patience). AND earlier this year Casey tipped off director Steven Smith about our website and we were both invited to appear on a documentary that will be included on the DVD release of the 1947 movie, "Daisy Kenyon."

Above: Dana Andrews and Joan Crawford are having a lovers quarrel in "Daisy Kenyon."

Paul and I did not want to fly to LA, which is where the documentary was being filmed, so we drove to LA. It was about a six-hour drive but the drive was brutal. It was like we were driving in the middle of nowhere; it was very flat an unattractive, kind of like how I would picture Texas to look like. Paul and I drove through many areas that were actually slaughterhouses and it smelled so bad that both of us were covering our noses and mouths for several minutes. We were laughing hysterically at how bad the smell was, it was pretty funny actually.

When we arrived in LA I was nervous as hell, I had watched "Daisy Kenyon" on the drive down on our portable DVD player, to refresh my memory, and I was all prepared to talk about it. We were a few hours early so we walked around the depressing streets of Hollywood. I could never live in LA. It was time to make our way to the filming spot, which was a really cool noir bar, which was closed, but it was being used as a filming spot. The director was wonderful and super friendly. I met other people on the set that were being interviewed, children of stars that were in the movie.

Above: Peter Fonda and Joan Crawford in the film noir, "Daisy Kenyon."

Before I was interviewed they had to touch up my face with make-up, I was all sweaty from walking around and the make-up lady, Veronica, was so sweet. She really did a great job and she was super friendly and fun. I was ready for the hot seat and boy was it hot! I was under all these lights and it was so quiet and all I could hear was my stomach rumbling. Paul was in the wings watching and giving me thumbs up. The questions were great but I am not used to speaking on camera so I had to make sure I slowed down my talking voice and showed some emotion when I spoke. I was really into it. There was one point where I was asked specifically to say something as a source to what I was talking about and I totally goofed it, Paul and I were laughing so hard... I ended up doing that take five times I think. All in all it was a great experience and I am so thrilled to be a part of this. To thing this all started from a website. It's funny to think that I am going to be known as a Joan Crawford historian and that this documentary will be around long after I am gone.

The DVD will be out soon, I will let everyone know when it comes out. Also, if you would like to read more information about "Daisy Kenyon" go to one of the two link below.

Stay tuned for the next project....


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Wow...what great news! It sounds like a great experience, even the drive through the icky slaughter houses. The couldn't have found a more knowledgeable Joan Crawford hisorian, so I'm sure you did a great job.

Congratulations !

Frank said...

That is SO cool!

Steve Middleton said...

Just passing through - very impressed by your knowledge about Joan Crawford

Anonymous said...

Joan Crawford fans should be proud that YOU are representing them. Kudos to you!

David C.

Dulcette. said...

Hey there, this is Candy from the Joan Crawford group. Just wanted to say that this is really cool, and i can't wait to get my hands on this dvd!

Menky said...

Thanks Candy!