Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cross Country

Above: The map shows where Ruthie, Scott and Hailey traveled.

Paul’s Mom, Ruthie, his brother Scott and niece, Hailey decided to all DRIVE cross country from Cambridge Ma to San Francisco CA. The main reason they drove s because Ruthie is scared to fly and I think that fear is fine it helped get all three of them to see the country and have a wonderful adventure on the road! Their journey began when they left on Monday July 30th. They traveled down the East Coast through Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and then turning landing in Tennessee. In Tennessee they stopped at the Grand Ole Opry and Graceland. From there they traveled through Arkansas, Oklahoma and on the top portion of Texas. Luckily they didn’t stay in Texas too long, they would never come out the same! They headed through New Mexico and stopped in Arizona where they visited the Grand Canyon and also encountered a monsoon! They finally arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 8th! I really wish they had a video camera the entire time in the car; I would have loved to see a play-by-play of that trip! I envision it to be a modern day version of National Lampoon's Vacation.

Above: Ruthie, Hailey, Scott, Me and Paul at Barney's chowing down.

There first night they arrived, we laid low and headed to my favorite burger joint, Barney’s. This place has the best burgers and milkshakes in the world and I wanted to share them with everyone. The burgers are usually piled with your favorite toppings and they taste delicious. The milkshakes come in the old fashion metal cup, Hailey had half of a vanilla AND chocolate shake! After that we all went home waiting Zachary’s arrival from Boston but Carrie and Zach ‘s plane was delayed for more than six hours!!

Above: Zach puts the candles in Daddy's birthday cake.

On Thursday, August 9th, Paul and I had to go to work and Zachary arrived first thing in the morning. It was great to see both Zach and Carrie after not seeing them for more than 2 weeks. Zach was in great spirits and was excited to see everyone, especially his Daddy! Ruthie, Scott and Hailey relaxed at our place and Ruthie cooked her famous lasagna. MMMMM a nice home cooked meal! That night we also had a huge chocolate cake for Paul’s birthday! Paul’s birthday week continues!

Above: Waiting for the cake!!!

On Friday, Paul took the day off from work to explore Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard St. (the famous crooked street) and Dolores Park with everyone. Later that night we went to AT&T Park to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now…San Francisco in August is nowhere near what it’s like in Boston in August. It’s cold here, VERY cold. It feels like November in Boston at night. We all had great seats, right behind homerun king, Barry Bonds, but we were all popsicles it was so chilly! Zachary had a blast at the game. He was cheering for Barry to hit a homerun and Zach also showed us his hitting skills at the child’s park. Hailey and Zach also had blast going down the large coca cola slide and chasing each other around the park. See photo gallery below...

Stay tuned for more adventures over the weekend….

Above: Paul and Zach enjoying the Giants game.

Above: Hailey and I , gosh we look like we are related!

Above: Zach is heckling Barry Bonds after he missed a fly ball.

Above: Three great profiles.

Above: Zach devours more than half of the famous garlic fries.

Above: Zach and I getting our picture taken by a photographer at the Giants game,
hence the watermark. I am going to purchase the photo, I love it.

Above: Zach waiting his turn to go up and bat.

Above: Zach up at the plate swinging at the ball!

Above: Grams, Hailey and Scott making faces.

Above: Hailey catches the San Francisco Mascot, Lou Seal,
before we leave the park.

Above: Zach ending the night by sticking his tongue out at his grandmother.

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