Thursday, August 2, 2007


Above: Me in my Heart shirt ready for Ann and Nancy!

I am probably the biggest dork ever but one of my favorite groups of all time is Heart. I always thought Ann and Nancy Wilson kicked ass and I never miss an opportunity to see them live. When I heard that they were in San Francisco in April I was bummed because I thought I had missed the chance to see them again.

I found a pair of tickets on eBay for a show at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. The seats were 8th row from the stage so I was even more excited to go to this concert. Saratoga CA is only an hour south of us so I bought the pricey tickets. I was excited when I bought the tickets and told Paul that we were going to see Heart! The look on his face was priceless and he said "Oh yea, don't they sing All I Wanna Do is Make Love to you?" I just rolled my eyes...yes they sing that song but it's not one of their most memorable songs.

Above: Heart in thier early years, circa 1979.

So we headed out last night to Saratoga, the drive was easy and once we arrived in Saratoga we headed up the long winding road up to the winery. The drive up the hill was scary, there were no guardrails and the drop of the side of the road was like a bottomless was pretty scary. When we arrived we saw this huge winery with several people of all ages heading towards the show. I had on my Heart T-shirt, yes I have a Heart T-shirt, and we headed in to the winery. I got many compliments on my t-shirt by the way! Even though Paul said it is one of the most ugly shirts he has ever seen. Blah!

Above: The views from the winery.

When we arrived in the winery it was beautiful, the views were breathtaking and the stage was nestled in this cozy area of the winery. It was perfect! The weather couldn’t have been any better either. We went to our seats after having a beer and we were excited at how good our seats were although the venue was small - any seat was a "good" seat, but we were right up front I wanted to see their faces! Plus I am sure they know me by face by now.

Above: This is where the concert was, very cute.

Once the show started I was screaming and cheering for the Wilson sisters but Paul looked puzzled and asked, "Where is Carnie Wilson?" Sigh. He was trying to get me going. Carnie Wilson is in the group Wilson Phillips. On with the show! As Ann and Nancy started off with a bang and were getting into their groove on stage, so was the obnoxious "dude" in back of us. He was either high, drunk or both but once Heart came out on stage the "dude" yelled "Yahoo, Rock it out with your vagina out!" Good lord! I just looked around at the crowd, which was mostly women, and cringed, this guy couldn't be serious. Unreal!

As the show went on I realized why I like Heart so much, they sounded perfect and played music that would make any non-fan stand up and take notice. Ann Wilson's voice is a force of nature to be reckoned with. She by far as one of the best female voices ever. Once she started belting out their number on single, "Alone," everyone was on their feet with chills being sent down their spines, yes even Paul Johnson had chills. Heart rocked and they sound better than ever.

Above: Ann Wilson can belt it out! Whoa!

All in all it was a great show, a little short but worth seeing at this beautiful venue. Paul did get a few drinks spilled on him by that "dude" but other than that it couldn't have been a more perfect concert and night. Long live Heart!

Above: Until we meet again...

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PJ said...

I still can't believe that I had beer spilled on me at a Heart concert by some dude... and Carnie Wilson and her sisters didn't even sing "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"... sigh.