Friday, February 29, 2008

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

This is where we will be tonight to celebrate Madonna being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Looks fun!

Sigh....I didn't make it to the event, my eye is still acting up. Paul went with Ryan and Will. I am sure they are having a blast!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Geek!

Above: Me at my 6th birthday party.
Good looking kid, I was very happy at this age!

Happy Birthday to me! Well, I am another year older. I can now say I am into my mid-30s! Yahoo! I love being in my 30s and I am lucky enough to be alive and well at 34 years of age.

The thing about birthdays and getting older is how much I realize people change. I have changed so much over the course of 34 years and I thought it would be fun AND
brave to walk through my life in pictures over the past 34 years. I am so comfortable in my own skin, I could care less who views these pictures. Now I will warn you, it's not pretty. I was a cute child but I was an ugly teenager and sickly looking in my 20s. Also, you will see my hair color is constantly changing from brown to blond to brown. Enjoy the photos, laugh at them all you want. I am proud of me and how I have evolved through the years:-) Some people really do get better looking with age:-P

Above: This was my first birthday (1975) and my first bike. I am holding a weeble-wobble.
I was a huge kid. I was born 10 1/2 pounds and had size two feet!

Above: This was the summer of 1978, I was four years old and my parents took me to this really cool zoo. I was a super happy four year old. My parents divorced two months after this picture was taken.

Above: This was my 5th birthday party (1979). In the picture are two young girls Linda and Laura (twins) that used to babysit for me and their younger sister Debbie.

Above: My sixith birthday (1980) with my cousin Nicole and my Pepe in the background.
Sadly, it's the only picture with me and my Pepe - he was the shining light in my childhood.

Above: Ha! I was wearing a pink shirt in my school picture in 1982 at age 8!
Pretty brave during that era, eh? I am just starting to get awkward here.

Above: Ok 1984 was the year I was officially a geek. Yup, that's me in the middle at age 10. Good lord, those glasses and those clothes! I still have no idea why I am all dressed up and my two brothers are in their pajamas!? AND I am holding a glow worm!? oye!

Above: A poloroid from my 12th birthday (1986) - it's amazing I still have these photos! Since my birthday is in February, I never could have a party outdoors, so the above party was in my basement, it was a roller skating party. My best friend at the time, Tammy Rock (far left), gave me a sticker book with over one hundred stickers in it and I was in my glory. Sigh! Check out the odd pin I have pinned on my sweater. Bizarre!

Above: Must be the mullet! If you look closely you can see the mullet. This is my Freshman picture in high-school (1989). I was 15 years old here. I was not voted most popular, let's put it that way....and just when you think I couldn't look worse..scroll down!

Above: HOLY SHIT! Is that really me!? The fall of 1990, 16 years old, my sophomore year in high school. I was the least popular person in my school and my nickname was Igor and Geek-mo-dee. I look a this picture and cannot believe it's me. I had just started dating someone eleven years older than me when this picture was taken. What were you thinking silly boy!?! Nice Bill Cosby sweater.

Above: David Bowie? I look like a completely different person at this stage, age 20 (1994). If you compare this picture to the one above it, it's night and day. I was 30 pounds lighter (120 pounds-scary) and had bleach blond straw for hair!

Above: I was 23 years old (1997) in this picture, I look like a little kid, with my cat Sybil. The table in back of me was a table that I designed, with my partner at the time, and we built it. I was thrilled with the result!

Above: This is me at my moms house on my 27th birthday in 2001!
Oh, the bowl haircut thankfully is gone forever.

Above: My 20's were horrible! I was now 30 years old (2004) in this picture and happy to be out of my 20's. This is when things really started to come togetehr for me as far as my appearance goes. I started working out and I had gained 30 pounds! Which is a good thing since I was only 120 pounds throughout most of my 20's. I love this picure of me taken by one of my best friends, Patrick Lentz.

Above: Me and Paul in 2006, I was age 32 all nice and tan, we had a great time in P-twon for the 4th of July! Great time!

Above: Zachary and me in Fall of 2007 at Dolores Park in California!

Above: 2008 Hurrell shot!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rainy Weekend

Above: Taking a break from pedaling.

This past weekend was pretty rainy but we managed to find things to do around town and the apartment. We bought some fun games, went for a bike ride AND saw a movie, Spiderwick! The movie was really good. Check out some pictures from this past weekend.

Above: Cruising down 24th Street

Above: Playing a little ditty before leaving the house.

Above: Storm Trooer....

Above: ...Storm trooper down.

Above: Making a mess in the morning.

Above: Making a guitar.

Above: Zach's favorite face.

Above: One of the two games we bought, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Memory.

Above: Still playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos....

Above: ...and playing and playing...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tough Baby: Torch Song

Warner Brothers released this video clip to promote the Joan Crawford Box Set Volume II that was released on Feb 12th! Check out the quick clip - I am featured on it. This clip will most likely appear on Turner Classic Movies and several film Websites throughout the Net. I am loving my five minutes of fame!!!

(I am at :32 seconds into the mini clip)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Well Zachary!

Zach has been in Boston this past week and won't be back in SF until Thursday, he is with his mom and visitng his grandparents BUT he's sick! Get well Zach, we miss you!

Love Daddy and Neil

Monday, February 18, 2008


Above: Me and Kevin at The Bar in the Castro.

A blast from the blast blew into town this weekend, an old friend Kevin Dipilito. I first met Kevin when I started game night in Boston about 4 years ago! Hard to believe. Anyway, it was great seeing Kevin – I think the last time we saw him was about 2 years ago maybe more.

Above: Kevin and Paul at The Bar.

Kevin stopped over last night and we headed out to find a place to eat. I was already kind of in a pissy mood because I have an eye infection; I wear contact lenses – sucks! It is Bear weekend in San Francisco this weekend and I had no idea, I am the furthest thing from a “Bear” for those of you that don’t know, a “Bear” is a big, hairy, burly strapping/heavy man. So, all the restaurants were packed and we finally found this place CafĂ© Flore that is not my fave place, but we went there. It was packed!! It’s the type of eatery where you order your food then you scramble to find a table, I hate places like that because I hate trying to fight for a table. So, I was a bit annoyed that it was so busy and nobody was eating everyone was just sitting down and being loud.

Above: Cafe Flore in the summer.

After we ordered our food and started getting our drinks, the host announced the drag show would start in 5 minutes! WHAT the F&#*! So, I lost it when I realized we weren’t going to get a table because there was a drag show going on. The host should have asked us before we ordered our food if e minded that there was going to be a drag show. So I demanded our money back, but the chef said the food was done. I did make a little scene☺ BUT, the host and chef were great and dug out a table and plopped us down near the door, which was fine. After I cooled down, the drag show was pretty hilarious, the food was terrible. So it all worked out, one drag queen was hilarious singing “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce in Spanish. Classic!

Above: Beyonce in drag!

So then we headed out to meet Ryan and his friend Davin who was in fro Reno. Kathy Griffith was at the Castro Theater as well, so the Castro was hopping! We ended up at a place called The Bar. This bar is very narrow and all the lights are in red. Pretty cool. We hung out for a bit but my eye infection was buggin me so I schlepped home and watched old lady movies”

Above: Kevin, Davin and Mr. Smiley in back that was cruising us!

It was great to see Kevin, glad to hear that school is going well!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zach's first day on the job

Above: Zach sitting at my messy desk watching the clock.

I took Zachary to my work last Tuesday. I was really excited to bring him in so people can see how cute and smart he is. Zach was excited to go and see what I do at work. Zach was a hit at work and he was doted on my my co-workers. He did an amazing job hanging out out , going to meetings and acted very professional. LOL

We didn't put in a full day but he held out a lot longer than I thought he would.

The next day Zach said he was ready to go to work again!:-)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Employee of the Month!

I won the coveted employee of the month award for the month of January! Check out the amazing throphy I get - Yes, that is what you think it is cast in gold on top of the trophy!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Valentine

This was a Valentine I received from my freind Kurt, how sweet!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paula Abdul

Above: Jack, Ryan (both with eyes shut), Me and Paul. Oh and Michael Jackson!

Our friend Jack came to visit us in San Francisco recently! Jack is a good friend of ours from Boston and we were very excited to have him come out. Jack arrived on Thursday of last week and stayed until this past Tuesday. We had an amazing time!

Above: Trick photography. Me taking a picture through the side mirror, Jack is in the backseat!

I stayed home from work on Friday and Jack and I went to the Castro and enjoyed the beautiful day. Every day Jack was in SF, it was 70-degrees and sunny! The weather has been beautiful and it all started when Jack strolled into town! We went to a variety of bookstores and shops and just had a great time catching up. After a long day in the sun shopping, we rested up for happy hour. Now, Boston does not have happy's actually against the law in Massachusetts...lame. Happy hour out here is EVERYDAY. It usually starts at 6pm and goes until 9pm, depends where you go. So Jack and I headed out to Midnight Sun, it's small video bar. We were the youngest two there, it was an older crowd. Like most of the gay population in SF. We didn't stay long but the drinks for happy hour are buy on get one free..any after two drinks that were like pure booze we stumbled over to Badlands to meet up with Paul and our friends. At Badlands we all had a blast, Jack got along with most our friends instantly, it was almost like he knew them all his life. We all danced and had a blast! Badlands plays the best music!

Above: Jack and Ryan getting attacked by a crazy lady!

Saturday was clinic day for the start of the softball season.... more on that in another post.... Later that night we headed out to a fun martini bar called, Martunis. We had a few drinks there and meet up with our friend Ryan. After Martuni's we headed over to the best karaoke bar in the world, The Mint! GOOD LORD! We had a blast there! Everytime We have ever been there we always end up talking to some "interesting" people. You can see in the photos I met some VERY interesting people:-)

Above/Below: Oh my! Check out the entourage I met at The Mint!

After The Mint, Ryan, Jack, Paul and I headed to the Folsom bars. Now, none of us have ever been there but we heard stories. All I will say is that they were fun bars, very dark but I would never go there alone. We were all holding onto each other for dear life! A lot of fun though.

Above: This would be an appropriate name for one of the Folsom bars, BUT it was one of the many cafes we ate at.

Sunday, we enjoyed the amazing 70+-degree weather! Paul and I had our first softball practice of the season. Later that day we met up with Jack and went shopping and went exploring in the Golden Gate Park. This park has to be one of the most amazing parks in the world. So many sights to take in. That night, Zach joined the fun and joined us for the Grammy party!

Above: Strawberry Hill at Golden Gate Park! Beautiful!

Above: Check out the size of this tree at G.G.P. Paul and Jack are in the far left hand corner.

Above: You are here!

Above: Paul Johnson.

I am really glad Jack came out. I always considered Jack a good friend but this past weekend was really awesome and I consider him one of my best friends. He’s a great guy that I really connect with him and have a lot in common with him. Jack is someone that I am sure I will know for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday Jack! See you soon!

Above: Jack at The Mint!

*Note: The title of this post can only be understood by Jack, Ryan, Paul and Me:-)