Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Awards 2008!

Above: Click on the video above to see Tina Turner and Beyonce perfoming at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

Last nights Grammy Awards were quite interesting to say the least. The show was celebrating its 50th anniversary and brought back some blasts from the past. One of the most anticipated old school artists that I was anxious to see was the legendary Tina Turner. She was introduced by wannabe Beyonce in an over the top self-congratulatory manner. You could hear the music in the background for Tina Turner’s 80’s number one hit, “What’s Love Got to Do With it” and the crowd went wild. When Tina came into the camera, the 68- year old icon looked like she was propped up with a stick. She was so stiff she looked like a crab walking on the beach! Paul and I were watching the Grammy’s with our friends Jack and Ryan and we all were laughing hysterically, it was quite comical. As the performance went on Beyonce joined Tina and it only continued to get more outrageous. Halfway through the performance, Beyonce was so into herself that she forgot Tina was on stage and she stepped right on her foot practically pushing Tina of stage! Then when the number finally ended, Tina lifted up her leg t kick but and it appeared she either was still hurting from Beyonce stepping on her toes or she pulled a groin muscle while kicking. All in all the performance was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. You can watch the performance below.

Above: Beyone getting ready to push Tina out of the way!

The awards show really ended up turning out to be the BET awards, it was so urban driven it was really quite shocking. Kanye West should just sing and not talk. He sang a moving number about his mother but when he accepted an award for best rap performance he went on an on about he was the best and how he is going to be the number one artist n the world,, he is SO full of himself and arrogant. His ego could barely fit on the stage, it’s very off putting and I hate how he turns into a crybaby if he doesn’t win one of the big awards. Grow up Kanye!! The best part of the night was when Vince Gill won a country award and Ringo Starr presented it and Gill looked at Kanye and said "I just got an award given to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye? LOVED IT!

Above: Kanye should stick to what he does best, singing.

Amy Winehouse ironically enough won the most awards, five in all, her song “Rehab.” She was released from rehab recently but watching her perform via satellite from London, it looked like she was let out too soon. Although Amy has had her bouts with alcohol and drugs, she is still a talented artist. Natalie Cole was quoted as saying I don’t think she deserved it, I think she needs to get her life together first, and then get the awards later." HUH!? Natalie Cole was the biggest druggie in the world when she was in her 20s and 30s. She used to troll around the streets of Springfield, Ma looking for a fix and she won a few Grammy’s around her troubled time as well. She has a lot of balls for criticizing someone for something she is all too familiar with doing.

Above: Amy Winehouse hugs her mom after her huge wins at the Grammies!

The biggest award of the night is album of the year. Both Winehouse and West wee nominated in his category and one of them was projected to win it. West even took some extra stage time in case he didn’t win the big award. Thankfully, he lost the award to….Herbie Hancock!?? Huh? Well, I would rather see this old school jazz artist get it then Kanye West. It was quite comical watching Herbie try to give an acceptance speech as he fished around in his pocket for his notes the viewers saw that he dropped them on the floor but Herbie was still looking. The we see 80 year old Quincy Jones trying to bend over to pick the notes up but he gets “stuck” bending over! Oh the joys of live TV, the entire show was hilarious and deserves a comedy award in it’s own right!

Above: Alicia Keys looking amazing at the Grammy pre-show party.

Alicia Keys performed twice and the more and more I see her the more I love her. She is by far the most talented young artist in popular music right now. So happy she won two R&B Grammies. Rihanna also shined on stage singing two of her monster hits and winning a Grammy award for her biggest hit, “Umbrella.” Madonna also won a Grammy for her record setting 2007 Confessions tour bringing her entire Grammy stash up to seven Grammy awards total.

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PJ said...

I have never laughed so hard watching Tina Turner during that performance. That YouTube clip doesn't do it justice. God love her!

Of course, you forgot to mention that we watched it back in slow motion in HDTV for about half an hour watching every movement frame-by-frame! LOL