Saturday, August 30, 2008

Future Advertising Executive

Above: Zach is one of my work meeting with my co-worker, Dillon. I LOVE this photo!

The kick off of the Labor Day weekend is here! This usually meant the end of he summer for me on the East Coast BUT now it's the beginning of summer for us out her in SF! September and October are the best months in San Francisco and this week it was truly amazing with full sun, no fog and hot temps. A great start to the Labor Day weekend!

Above: Zach at my work with one of the dogs, Magnolia! He wants Magnolia to play with his dog, Snoopy. He also said he wished Magnolia was a boy and not a girl. Ha!

Yesterday, Zach had the day off from school so and work was letting us leave a little bit early today to start off the long holiday weekend, so I though I would bring Zach to work! Zach went to my work earlier this year but he has grown so much since then. He was so well behaved at work and was polite, a bit shy, but he opened up. He especially enjoyed being in the meeting I had throughout the day. He was more focused than half the people I work with.

Above: Watch out work, Zach is eyeing to be the youngest CEO ever!

He was SO well behaved - look what he was rewarded with!! Hee Hee :-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bye Mags!

Above: Me and Maggy at our work Christmas party earlier this year.

It’s funny the older you get the more people you meet and get close to and really connect with. It’s been almost two years living in San Francisco and I have made some friends that are truly amazing, inspirational, talented and downright fun people on top of all the people I already know and who have touched my life in such a positive way. One of the many friends that I have made in San Francisco that I made a connection with was a co-worker. When I started at my job out in CA in 2007, I instantly connected with this fun, fashion-forward, trendy, cute girl named Maggy. We just clicked and became really great friends over the time we worked together. We both loved to take off from work on out lunch breaks and go shipping for clothes and other fun stuff. We also loved finding new places to eat and explore and we were also motivation for each other when we were too lazy to go to the gym - we would push one another to go and we became gym buddies.

Above: This was taken a few days ago, we did one last shopping trip together in SF at one of our favorite stores,
Blue Mercury! The free sample goodie bags rock!

Sadly, my friend Mags is moving to New York next week, but I am so excited for her! She is starting another chapter in her life, she just entered her 30’s, she recently got married and I know that she is going to have some of the best years of her life and I am so so SO excited for her journey and adventures in NYC! I will miss you dearly, we will still chat a ton and now I have even more of a reason to come visit NY.

Above: Mags with her new iPhone that she purchased a few days ago!

Mags – I am truly going to miss our laughs, our rides to work, our serious talks, our fun shopping sprees and just your genuine friendship!

I miss you already!

Just remember the wise words of Jerri Blank, some people like the pole AND the hole! :-P

Love ya!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Weekend…

Above: Me enjoying a good laugh at Sparky's diner

…started out at Happy Hour on Friday night. After a loooonnnngg workweek I was eager to get to Badlands and enjoy some two for one happy hour drinks. $6.00 buys you two drinks, unreal!!! They give away alcohol here in San Francisco. I arrived at Badlands at 6pm on the dot and the music was great and by the time Paul arrived I was feeling the booze! It was a fun night and many of our friends arrived to enjoy the great drinks and amazing music.

Above: Aparna, Jeff, Me and Paul eating brunch at Tangerine's.

Saturday, Paul and I met up with two of his past co-workers - Aparna and Jeff (Paul has a new job!!! more news on that in a future post!). Paul and I did some shopping. I owed Paul some birthday gifts so I bought him a really nice jacket and we both bought some clothes and some fun gadgets at the Apple store. Later that night we were invited to a house party at our friends, Will, Kurt and John’s place. We had a great time there and I saw many people that I had not seen in a while – it was great to see most of the Pups there!

Above: Trenton and Davin enjoying a Vogue flashback.

Above: Trenton, Davin and Evan.

Above: Kai and Andres.

Above: Ryan, Paul, Evan and Trenton all striking poses!

Above: Ryan, Evan and Paul

Above: Evan's having fun with his roommate, George.

After the party, we headed over to Evan’s place for some drinks before we headed out to the city to enjoy some of the Folsom bars!!! After a long nigh, we were all starving and thankfully there is a diner in SF that is open 24 hours, Sparky’s! Not the best food but everything tastes amazing after you have had a few drinks!

Above: Ryan and Trenton at Sparky's.

Above: Yes, I think Trenton and Davin were on the menu!

Above: Paul and me at Sparky's dying for food!

Above: Trenton being naughty!

Above: HA!

Above: Some fun people out at Sparky's - check out the Joan Crawford shout out on the drag queen's shirt! I love it!

Above: 2am vision.

Last Weekend…

Above: Zach happy to see some colorful cookies!

... Zach Paul and I went to a BBQ at my co-workers house, Deb, in Alameda. Deb was having a going away BBQ for friend Laura. I have wanted to go to my friend Deb’s house for some time to see her famous kitchen that was featured in a magazine☺ Deb’s house is truly amazing!!! Several of my co-workers came to Deb's BBQ and we all hung out and enjoyed a perfect California day☺

Above: The night before going to Deb's party.
I met up with a bunch of girls from work at Lucky 13. Hot girls huh!?!?!

Above: Deb's mansion!

Above: Getting ready for the BBQ in Deb's kitchen.

Above: Deb and crew hanging out in her backyard.

Above: Loungin'

Above: Everyone enjoying great food.

Above: Deb laughing at Laura's plate of food.

Above: Great photo of Laura

Above: Zach and Paul kicking around a ball.

Above: Zach enjoying the amazing sunny day.

Above: Taking a break...

Above: Zach loves cookies!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Through the Eyes of a 4-year-old

Above: Zach at school talking about his 
Star Wars book at show and tell.

Zachary recently went on a small field trip with his school to the amazing Golden Gate Park. His teacher brought the students to see a variety of sculptures that are featured at the park. His teacher, Ryan, asked the children what they saw when they looked at the statues/sculptures, below are the sculptures and Zach's responses.

Above: Zach said this about the above photo, "I think mice, chipmunks and rats live in there."

Above: Zach said this about the above photo, "There's a window inside and a wall to punch."

Above: Zach said this about the above photo, "There's a torch...he's a pirate...telling people there's a party!"

Above: Zach said this about the above photos, "A water fountain with water on the froze up."

Above: Zach said this about the above photo, " Clock statue."

Above: Zach said this about the above photo, "It's a macaroni tower!"

Above: Zach said this about the above photo, "It's knights and a bald guy."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Madonna Turns 50! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the most successful female musical artist E-V-E-R! Madonna has achieved an unbelievable feat to stay relevant in the music business for the past 25 years. Earlier this year she scored her seventh number on album and charted on the singles chart with her 47th Top 40 hit and her 37th top ten hit. A record for any female artist. She has changed her look more than any other female in history (tied with Joan Crawford) and she is a style icon. I am going to see her in concert for the umpteenth time this November and I cannot wait. Below are my top ten favorites Madonna looks over the past 25 years.

Madonna Look #10:

2006: Madonna sported a flaming orange red frock for her disco-themed Confessions on a Dance Floor CD. I loved the unique hair color and bright bold colors she wore to compliment the hair color. She proved after over 20 years in the biz she could still pull off an original look!

Madonna Look #9:

1993: The video from her last single off her 1992 album Erotica was a song called "Rain." The video featured a stunningly beautiful Madonna sporting a short black wig and the lighting accented her steel blue eyes. The look was unlike anything Madonna had done before. The video won best video of the year at the MTV video music awards that year.

Madonna Look #8:

1983: The year that put Madonna on the map. She was fresh, hip and set the fashion world on fire. I loved her raw look and the photo above is so amazing - you could already she she was going to be a fashion icon.

Madonna Look #7:

1995: Above was a campaign Madonna did for Versace and at that point it was Madonna's classiest look of her career. She looked so fresh and showed that she could rock a gown better than anyone.

Madonna Look #6:

1985: The look that made millions of girls want to be her. The boy toy, trashy sex kitten with the over accessorized outfits and lots of lace, this was the peak of Madonna's fame and the Like a Virgin craze was full-force. This look was featured on the cover of her sophomore album "Like a Virgin" which would go on to be one of the most successful songs of the 1980s.

Madonna Look #5:

1987: Madonna took a chance and died her hair platinum blond - it was a risk but she pulled it off so well she was honored with being compared to Marilyn Monroe. The look fit her face perfectly and accentuated her large blue eyes. Not only was the hair color drastic but also the cut was very short showing how versatile Madonna's looks would become and proving she could wear any hairstyle and pull it off.

Madonna Look #4:

1998: Madonna embarked on a huge comeback the year she turned 40, she had just given birth to her first born child, Lourdes and she released her best album in years, "Ray of Light." Her look was very whimsical and hippie-chic. She was glowing! She went on to win four Grammy Awards that year for the "Ray of Light" album.

Madonna Look #3:

2003: Madonna released her 9th studio album called American Life, she looked better than ever and the songs were some of the best she had written since "Like a Prayer," but the album tanked. The military themed album came out right when the war started and put a bad taste in the public eye. The album is one of the most underrated albums at least her look was a huge hit! The chocolate brown hair and the long flat layers suit her face best.

Madonna Look #2:

1990: Now we're talking! Madonna pays tribute to the silver screen divas and includes herself in the mix showing that she could pull of the 1920s-1930s deco style with the best of them. Her homage to old Hollywood was featured in one of her biggest hits, "Vogue." The song mentions greats like, Harlow, Garbo, Davis and Hepburn...old Hollywood fans were in an uproar that she left out the diva she emulates the most...Joan Crawford! Tsk Tsk Madonna. I forgave her after she paid tribute to Crawford in the 1998 video "The Power of Goodbye."

Madonna Look #1:

1989: Was and still is my favorite Madonna year. She released her best album, "Like a Prayer" which spanned several hits and she incorporated both her brunette and blond looks back to back. Her "Like a Prayer" video is one of the most controversial and groundbreaking videos ever. At the time, her "Express Yourself" video was the most expensive music video ever filmed costing $5 million dollars. Madonna also embarked on the historical Blonde Ambition Tour and closed out the 1980s confirming she was THE artist of the decade.