Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Weekend…

Above: Zach happy to see some colorful cookies!

... Zach Paul and I went to a BBQ at my co-workers house, Deb, in Alameda. Deb was having a going away BBQ for friend Laura. I have wanted to go to my friend Deb’s house for some time to see her famous kitchen that was featured in a magazine☺ Deb’s house is truly amazing!!! Several of my co-workers came to Deb's BBQ and we all hung out and enjoyed a perfect California day☺

Above: The night before going to Deb's party.
I met up with a bunch of girls from work at Lucky 13. Hot girls huh!?!?!

Above: Deb's mansion!

Above: Getting ready for the BBQ in Deb's kitchen.

Above: Deb and crew hanging out in her backyard.

Above: Loungin'

Above: Everyone enjoying great food.

Above: Deb laughing at Laura's plate of food.

Above: Great photo of Laura

Above: Zach and Paul kicking around a ball.

Above: Zach enjoying the amazing sunny day.

Above: Taking a break...

Above: Zach loves cookies!

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