Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Weekend…

Above: Me enjoying a good laugh at Sparky's diner

…started out at Happy Hour on Friday night. After a loooonnnngg workweek I was eager to get to Badlands and enjoy some two for one happy hour drinks. $6.00 buys you two drinks, unreal!!! They give away alcohol here in San Francisco. I arrived at Badlands at 6pm on the dot and the music was great and by the time Paul arrived I was feeling the booze! It was a fun night and many of our friends arrived to enjoy the great drinks and amazing music.

Above: Aparna, Jeff, Me and Paul eating brunch at Tangerine's.

Saturday, Paul and I met up with two of his past co-workers - Aparna and Jeff (Paul has a new job!!! more news on that in a future post!). Paul and I did some shopping. I owed Paul some birthday gifts so I bought him a really nice jacket and we both bought some clothes and some fun gadgets at the Apple store. Later that night we were invited to a house party at our friends, Will, Kurt and John’s place. We had a great time there and I saw many people that I had not seen in a while – it was great to see most of the Pups there!

Above: Trenton and Davin enjoying a Vogue flashback.

Above: Trenton, Davin and Evan.

Above: Kai and Andres.

Above: Ryan, Paul, Evan and Trenton all striking poses!

Above: Ryan, Evan and Paul

Above: Evan's having fun with his roommate, George.

After the party, we headed over to Evan’s place for some drinks before we headed out to the city to enjoy some of the Folsom bars!!! After a long nigh, we were all starving and thankfully there is a diner in SF that is open 24 hours, Sparky’s! Not the best food but everything tastes amazing after you have had a few drinks!

Above: Ryan and Trenton at Sparky's.

Above: Yes, I think Trenton and Davin were on the menu!

Above: Paul and me at Sparky's dying for food!

Above: Trenton being naughty!

Above: HA!

Above: Some fun people out at Sparky's - check out the Joan Crawford shout out on the drag queen's shirt! I love it!

Above: 2am vision.


Anonymous said...

WOW...I never realized how many gay guys there really are. I am not fond of your website because I do not agree with homosexuality although, since I am open minded, I just don't usually voice my opinion 1 way or the other. After viewing your website it made me realize that you can be a homosexual with morals or you can act like you and your friends do...which is be just down right nasty about it. You are raising a 4 year old child and some of your photos are very distasteful...what are you teaching him? Joan Crawford was a very upstanding woman and if you cherish her like you claim...then clip your wings because you are almost ready for flight...catch my drift? GROW UP!!!

Menky said...

So, usually I don't post negative comments that come into this blog, but the above comment is truly priceless!!

So let me get this "straight" because my partner and I are raising a 4 year old child we cannot have fun with our friends and enjoy life? Hmmm..interesting.

It's ignorance like this that just makes me smile and really appreciate the person I am and not some close-minded, hateful, ignorant individual who is jealous of other people's lives.

Ryan Thomas said...

WOW...Indeed. Not about the blog post, but about "anonymous'" comment above. I don't even know where to start. A part of me doesn't want to dignify ignorance with a response. However, homophobia always needs to be addressed because us gays have been silenced for too long.

I'd like to start with one line that I'm particularly fond of, "you can be a homosexual with morals or you can act like you and your friends do." This particular line intrigues me because it attempts to create a distinct line between heterosexuals and homosexuals. This line could easily be said about heterosexuals, just as much as it can be said about homosexuals. There is no need to include "homosexual" in this sentence, because essentially, "you can be a PERSON with morals or not." Topics and events discussed on this page transcend into heterosexual communities and can be witnessed daily, both in person and in the media in all communities. Why draw lines amongst sexual orientation? It is divisive and essentially prevents anything from being accomplished.

This brings us to my second issue with this comment. I would rather enjoy seeing the high horse this "anonymous" person sits upon. I imagine it to be dark and evil, pompous and arrogant fixing upon the world his/her ideas of morality, as though Jesus had decided to revisit Earth. Morality is a rather ambiguous term and this statement should be clarified with, "you can be a homosexual with MY MORALS or you can act like you and your MORALS." Each one of us has our own moral compass and real "open minded" people realize and accept this, reducing their need to judge.

I would like to conclude with a praise of both this site and its owner. The site displays an honest protrayal of life, all parts, both good and bad. It opens up a piece of someone's world, so others can see. Although "anonymous" is not a huge fan, this site has opened up an opportunity for discussion here, which is vital in our modern country.

Thank you for providing this online space where users can witness love, joy, as well as ignorance and judgement. It is important that we are reminded of such darkness, for it makes us appreciate the light; which is really the cause of celebration amongst these groups of friends. In the end, celebrating the light will always conquer the dark high horse of judgement.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, you claimed you did view this website, but probably you're blind because you did not see the sparks of happiness in the baby's eyes, the loving feelings this family shows. You ask the webmaster what does he teach to his son. Well, judging by the happiness the boy shows you can only think he teaches him wonderful things, and that he and his partner love the boy and each other sincerely.
As for his fondness for Joan Crawford... many straight parents cherish George W. Bush or, worse, even Adolf Hitler, what do THEY teach to their sons? How could those boys be more unlucky with parents like them? And you use an innocent passion for Joan Crawford - an actress and not a mass murderer or a crazy warlord - to bash a parent? The one who must grow up it's YOU!

Marco from Rome, Italy