Friday, August 1, 2008

Name this Post

Above: I love how we are all in front of the ladies restroom!

I cannot believe how fast this week went by! Anyway, last weekend The Pups Softball team were up in Russian River for a tournament..I know, I know I said softball season was over in an earlier post. It's now offically over! I didn't play in the tournament so I guess it WAS over for me. The Pups came in second place! YAHOO!

Above: The gangs all here!

Above: This is what Cody was seeing!

Sorry these photos are a week late in posting them. Enjoy the craziness! I couldn't decide on what to title this post so below are some options, vote for your fave:

1. Battling Tops
2. The Women

3. Jay and Cody go swimming in their drinks

4. PJ should have left his softball equiptment at home

5. Who want's to see Ivan Naked?

6. How Michael Woo really pulled his groin muscle

7. Girls Can't Run!!
8. Mama Gubitosi Strikes Again
9. Troy Kissed who?
10. Kyser's on a Roll
11. Neil plays poolside soft "ball"

Vote for your favorite at the comments like below!

Above: Yan, Kyser and Jay at the Cattle Ranch

Above: Ivan (future Pup) and Will.

Above: Kurt carefully carries the tub of cake.

Above: Happy Birthday Yan!

Above: Get ready to blow!

Above: WHORES!

Above: Roy and Troy gettign a peck.

Above: Richard and Kyle.

Above: Michael and Jay with his gallon of booze. OH and that iPhone that never left his hands:-P

Above: Jeff flirting with the dog.

Above: This sums up the weekend!!!!

Above: Jeff getting "carried" away! HA Oh I kill me! Someone stop me, quick!


Will said...

I think the post should be called "Battling Tops -- To see who can get Ivan naked"

Troy said...

Thanks for the pics! These now serve as the only memories I have of Friday night. Love you Pups, apparently a whole lot!

Ryan Thomas said...

"Kyser's On a Roll" is really clever! I love that one!

I'd like to put an entry in, "WTF is a 'tub of cake'?"

Menky said...

Yea - I like Kyser is on a roll too! :-)

A TUB of cake a bath tub full of cake. It was in this big tub it was funny:-)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Kyser's on a Roll as well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Neil, the top photo is FANTASTIC!! It ought to be published in some magazine, and you should get paid for it handsomely, too. I love you, Neil - really I do. Maybe I'll change my sex and pose a threat to your BF! :-) Kiddin'!!

-Julie L.

PJ said...

This one is easy: Jeff "Mama" Gubitosi strikes again... and again...