Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Off to Kindergarten!

Apologizes for those of you following my blog, it's been try of anything insightful. I am going to try to post more posts!

Hard to believe but Zachary is off to Kindergarten! It's truly amazing that I have seen this little guy grow up from a tiny baby with a pacifier in his mouth to a beautiful young boy with a smile that melts my heart. On September 3rd, I will watch Zach enter the word of education and be introduced to a new world of learning. I know I will be emotional, I am an emotional person to begin with, but I love milestones in people's lives. I love seeing people grow, thrive, learn and accomplish things in life and this is one of the many milestones that I will hopefully witness in Zach's life.

I want to see him move into his teen years when he graduates from 8th grade - when he turns into a man and graduates high-school - as he enters adulthood graduating college and when he gets married and has his own children. I want to be there for that. I want to watch him be the best student, the best son, the best friend, the best worker, the best husband and the best father. Ok, let's get back to Kindergarten now:-) I don't want to rush his life away.

It has been interesting watching Zach grow at the pre-school he has been at -his teachers have been amazing and he has made some close friends that won't be moving on with him into Kindergarten, but we will be sure to keep in touch with the great friends he has made. I loved Kindergarten and my early grades in elementary school. I lost touch with the close friends I made during those years - but thanks to Facebook - I reconnected with most of them - which has been interesting for sure. It's been amazing to see those "kids" I grew up and hoe their lives turned out.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in all of ours lives as Zach enters the world of education. I am looking forward to all the homework, school events and the new friends Zach will make along the way.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Whitney Houston "I Look To You" Album Review!

I have been waiting forever for a new album from Whitney and the time is finally here! Whitney's first album in seven years is available for purchase on August 31st! You can stream the album now online at

I have been a huge fan of Whitney since she first came out in 1985 - in my opinion she has one of the best female voices of all-time. Here's my review of the eleven songs features on I Look to You.

1. Million Dollar Bill - Hands down the best song on the CD. Written by the amazing Alicia Keys, this song is so funky and upbeat, probably the most upbeat song since Whitney recorded I Want to Dance with Somebody. The song does remind me of a song from the late 70s but it also has a fresh feel to it on top of the classic vibe. Whitney sounds great on this track - her vocals are strong and solid, Keys offers her amazing voice on the background vocals giving this song exactly what it needs. I do wish Houston and Keys would do an entire album together. I am hoping this single brings Houston back on the music charts this year.

2. Nothin' But Love - This song has a nice feel to it - reminds me of classic Whitney. I like how Whitney is thanking all the people that stood by her through the good and bad times. Her vocas are great on this track. It's a nice "thank you" track.

3. Call You Tonight - I really like this feel good song, again, reminds me of old school Whitney. I really think her voice sounds super crisp on this song - the lyrics are great. An age appropritae song for Houston to sing.

4. I Look To You - A strong ballad. When I first this song I was not overly crazy for it, but after several listens - it's a really great song. Whintey sounds good, I feel she is holding back a bit. The bridge of the song could have been a bit stronger with the vocals but all in all - great ballad from Whitney written by R. Kelly.

5. Like I Never Left - This song is in the same feel, sound and vide from the rest of the album to this point. It's an interesting duet with Akon - I think it should have been someone like Ne-Yo but all in all - it's an ok song, not one of my faves on this album.

6. A Song For You - Whitney needs to release this song as a single - it gave me chills listening to the amazing Houston singing with just the piano in the background at the beginning of the song. Damn - she can still sing!! I love love love this song! Really great vocal performance. I love how it speeds up and Whitney is almost asking for forgiveness for her past mistakes - great song.

7. I Didn't Know My Own Strength - The lyrics to his song really hit my heard - I can relate to the words to this song and every time I hear it reminds me of my own strength and battles I had to overcome. Great ballad - happy to hear Whitney sing it and mean it.

8. Worth It - Slow, smooth jam...old school Whitney for sure. After a few listens I like it - reminds me of the Whitney from back in the day.

9. For the Lovers - I like this song - probably the most modern song on the disc. Houston's voice sounds muffled and deep but I think that's the sound they were going for on this song. 

10. I Got You - Akon is introduced in this song - not crazy about it. Wish she didn't more with Alicia Keys than Akon. Whitney sounds great though.

11. Salute - This is along the same lines as Beyonce's song Halo, but this song is stronger. It's a song about leaving a love and moving on. A great way for Whintey to close this album. I think this is a great fuck you to Bobby Brown.

All in all it's a strong effort for a 46 year old Whitney Houston who was pretty much written off for not being able to sing anymore. The album is strong and should return Whitney to the R&B charts - the only single on here that I can see going on the mainstream Hot 100 charts is Million Dollar Bill - it should go Top 10. I am hoping this CD is just a warmup to the next album Whitney is going to release in the near future.