Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Spider Named Tina

Outside of our home we have had this large spider making a web in the same spot for the past few months. The spider will come and go but it always makes a web in the same spot right under our kitchen window. Everyday we see this spider during our comings and goings and Zach has decided to name the spider, Tina. He said "The Spider has teenie eyes so I will name him Tina." A boy spider named Tina! Love it.

Note - this spider is lives outside - if this spider were to get into the house I would not sleep at night!

Above: Zach and his pet spider, Tina, right above his head!

$1,000 Weekend!

Above: Me wearing my new glasses in a picture taken by my new camera.

This has been an expensive weekend - my camera that I adored - broke a few months ago and I was hoping that it could be fixed for a reasonable cost. Sadly, it was going to cost over $300.00 just to fix the camera so I decided to just buy a brand new one, with an extended warrantee, which came in over $700! I love taking pictures! The camera will be used often and I am glad I purchases a new camera - I have been missing out on some great photos and I am looking forward to getting back into the world of taking great photos of San Francisco, friends and most importantly Zach and Paul!

Above: Me and Zach.

I also had to get new glasses this weekend. My eyes are not the best, my eye doctor recommended me wearing Progressive lenses since my eye muscles are getting very weak. So I got some cool designer glasses that are reminiscent of the 1940s/1950s. I love them! It's amazing how a pair of glasses can completely change your look. The glasses were worth the $300.00.

Now I have to start repairing my bank account!