Saturday, August 30, 2008

Future Advertising Executive

Above: Zach is one of my work meeting with my co-worker, Dillon. I LOVE this photo!

The kick off of the Labor Day weekend is here! This usually meant the end of he summer for me on the East Coast BUT now it's the beginning of summer for us out her in SF! September and October are the best months in San Francisco and this week it was truly amazing with full sun, no fog and hot temps. A great start to the Labor Day weekend!

Above: Zach at my work with one of the dogs, Magnolia! He wants Magnolia to play with his dog, Snoopy. He also said he wished Magnolia was a boy and not a girl. Ha!

Yesterday, Zach had the day off from school so and work was letting us leave a little bit early today to start off the long holiday weekend, so I though I would bring Zach to work! Zach went to my work earlier this year but he has grown so much since then. He was so well behaved at work and was polite, a bit shy, but he opened up. He especially enjoyed being in the meeting I had throughout the day. He was more focused than half the people I work with.

Above: Watch out work, Zach is eyeing to be the youngest CEO ever!

He was SO well behaved - look what he was rewarded with!! Hee Hee :-)


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

You should have had him go into someone's office and fire them! :o)

PJ said...

I think Zach deserves a raise. He is clearly contemplating a future ad campaign in that first picture!