Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Times Two!

Happy birthday to TWO people that were born today, both are amazing people that I honored to know.

Above: My cousin Nicole (isn't she gorgeous) and her youngest son, Cooper.

The first being my cousin Nicole who I wish I could spend more time with but she lives in Massachusetts (sigh). I am coming out to Western Mass in December so I am going to drop in and say hello:-) Not only is Nicole beautiful, smart, funny, awesome (as she should be because she is my cousin) but she is also really the only family member currently that I connect with. She is one of the only people I talk to that has known me since I was a child. Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your day!!! I will see you this December. Love ya!

Above: Birthday Boy Patrick!

The second is one of my very best friends that I feel like I have not seen in forever. I met Patrick in 2004 and I knew right away when I met him we were going to be great friends. Patrick is the most generous person I have ever met and I have shared a lot of "growing" with him. We both overcame certain things together in life and I am thankful for his friendship. I will see you this December. Love ya!

Theses two people are people that I am hoping, in the future, I can spend more time with when we move back to Boston. These are two people I want in my life until the day I die.


Ryan Thomas said...

You're not moving back to Boston!

You need to be close to L.A. and Hollywood at this point.

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Thanks Neil! I just noticed this.