Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portland Paul

Above: Paul at the Seattle World Series a week before he started his new job.

Congrats to Paul on his new job based in Portland!! I won’t give too many details about his job or company (we all know about the crazy on the Internet), but I will say Paul is very happy with his new job and he gets to travel to Portland on a fairly regular basis. Paul will also be working from home a lot too, so he will be able to keep our place nice and tidy!! :-P

Above: Great photo of Zach with his completed United States puzzle!

Zach spend some time with me this week and he was asking where Daddy works now. Zach has a puzzle of The United States, which he is very good at putting together. Geography was my favorite subject in school and I learned all my states by the time I was in Kindergarten with a United States puzzle. My goal is for Zach to do the same. He is off to a great start and has easily identified about 10 states on his own. I was showing Zach where Portland, Oregon in relation to San Francisco and he replied, "Oh, that's not THAT far away!"

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