Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soccer Dads

Above: Zach and me waiting for our grub.

Zachary recently started to learn how to play soccer, Paul and I took him to his second Soccer meet and he was very reluctant to join in with the other kids in the soccer group. Zach seems to not t enjoy organized sports, he loves kicking the ball in a non-organized settling but he gets a little shy when involved in an unfamiliar group. Anyway, we watched Zach learn how to kick the ball around, which he already seemed to know. It was fun seeing him in his soccer getup and running around the field.

Above: Zach getting ready to play on the field.

Above: Fancy foot work!

After soccer, we headed over to the park across the field and Zach had a ball playing with other kids and enjoying the recreations.

Above: Strong man Zach moving the jungle gym.

Above: Where's Waldo?

Above: Me likey bouncy me likey bouncy!

We all were hungry after being active all day and decided to get some grub at good ole Mel's Diner! Love this place. We enjoyed some good diner food and milkshakes! YUM-O!

Above: Zach and Me.

Above: Chow time!

Above: Zach enjoying his delicious Oreo Milkshake.

More photos below of Zach playing Soccer


Ryan Thomas said...

Just please...NO MINIVAN! For the love of god, NO MINIVAN EVER! :)

PJ said...

Do they still make the Astrovan? That was always my personal fave. Just think... you can open the door and it just slides!

Anonymous said...

Zach has the sweetest smile, and it's infectious, too. Thanks for sharing him with us! :-)

Julie L.,

Anonymous said...

Neil you look like a little kid yourself! How do you stay so young looking????