Saturday, September 6, 2008


The election of our lifetime is approaching and I love how things are really looking up to have a Democrat back in the White House, but to also have the first African American President! It's going to be a historical moment and Obama is what this country needs right now. The more I hear Obama speak I am just inspired and impressed by him and his down to earth wife. They are real people who went through real problems that we all go through.

You know everyone is talking about experience for Obama and Palin. Is that what we are basing this election on, "experience?" I mean look at all the "experience" George W has and where did that lead this country? I think people need to stop focusing on experience and start getting down to what the candidates believe in and how that will shape our country for the future. We all go through life entering situations lacking experience like, raising a child for the first time, starting your first job, having sex, trying something you’ve never tried before like a sport. All those things we go into life “green” and sometimes you fail miserably at it but many people just have the knack to succeed at those things without every having prior experience.

I couldn't think of a worse person to have as a vice-president than Sarah Plain. Her sex has nothing to do with it; I am a huge Hilary fan and still am. Palin first off is against abortion - so she wants to take rights away from women and their choice to do what they want with their bodies. God forbid a woman should get raped or have a health scare and cannot get abortion due to a law passed by Palin. Another serious question to ask yourself - is Palin REALLY suitable to be the vice-president? John McCain already has one foot in the ground and that tumor on the side of his face is getting larger - there's a really good chance McCain will die in office and Palin would be the President of the United States!? Are you fricken kidding me?!?!?

The truth will come out about Palin, there are numerous rumors surrounding that she never gave birth to her down syndrome baby but it was in fact her older daughter that gave birth to the child. Many report that Palin never showed signs of a pregnancy and mysteriously left to have the baby in private when she was only six months pregnant. Too much drama around this woman - we don’t need distant relatives of Britney Spears in the White House - we have enough drama already in the tabloids.

The icing on the cake is Palin is being sued by my favorite music group Heart. Palin labeled herself "Sarah Barracuda" (yea right) and she took it upon herself to use the hit song "Barracuda" by the group Heart. Thankfully, Ann and Nancy Wilson are democrats and are not supporters of McCain/Palin and ordered the dangerous duo to cease and desist using the song or they will be sued! Right on Heart - you girls just prove how awesome you really are. Click on the link below to read the news story.

Obama all the way baby!! Pailn please go back to the PTA!


Ryan Thomas said...

After watching Palin speak for the first time Wednesday night, I am not a fan. I feel she is a bit outdated in some respects and her stance on reproductive rights and education are, in my opinion, archaic.

She delivered a great speech Wednesday, but this speech was written by a professional and her DELIVERY was well done. I'm looking forward to an unscripted debate between her and Biden, because my gut says she may not do so well.

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

I think too much attention is being paid to Palin and the McCain camp loves that...because the focus is shifted off of him. He's the person we should be focusing on and he would be the worse choice as president at this time.