Friday, September 5, 2008

Cloning Snoopy

Above: Best buddies, Zach and Snoopy, when we first moved out to SF in early 2007.

As Zach is getting older he seems to be growing closer to a certain friend that has been part of his entire life. Paul and Carrie bought a little dog called Snoopy before Zach was born - Snoopy is a cute beagle who has enjoyed the journey from Boston to San Francisco with all of us. When Zach was a baby, Snoopy amused him and now that he is getting older he has really grown close to his dog Snoopy. It's really cute to hear Zach talk about his dog Snoopy and how happy he is when he is with Snoopy.

Above: Snoopy and Zach this July (photo taken by Nanny.)

Above: Zach and the cloned "Snoopy"

Recently, we were at Walgreen’s and Zach saw this lifelike stuffed beagle that looks very similar to Snoopy. He was so excited about it and wanted it but we were in a rush and have been trying to weed out the hundreds of toys crammed in Zach's room, so we didn’t get it. Zach talked about how he wanted the stuffed dog to have at Daddy's house so he can sleep with Snoopy at night. Cutest thing ever! So today, I picked Zach up at school - with the stuffed dog:-) I had to get it for him!!

So, last night Zach carried Snoopy all over the house and feed him, made sure he was cozy under the blankets AND gave Snoopy the royal treatment and wanted all of his other stuffed animals off the bed so only him and Snoopy were in the bed. It was so touching to see that Zach misses his dog when he is at our house but now he has this "clone" of Snoopy that fills that void for him. I swear, just when I think this kid couldn't get any cuter - he just comes up with something even cuter!

Above: So cute!

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Carrie said...

He loves this "fake" Snoopy even when the real Snoopy is around. We decided that the fake Snoopy is so lifelike that he shouldn't be allowed on the couch for too long or the real Snoopy will get jealous (since he's not allowed on the couch). Unfortunately, the real Snoopy is not that thrilled with the fake Snoopy's presence!