Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family 2008

Above: Iggy, Carrie, Superman Zach, Paul and Me.

Zachary is in his last year of pre-school before he heads of to Kindergarten in Sept 2009! He missed the cut off for this fall since he turns five years old in January. So, he will be ahead of his classmates come September.

For his preschool, which he insists on having me call his "work" - ever since I took him to my agency for a day he has been referring to his school as work. I always ask him what he did at school toady and he said recently, "I was in meetings all day with Angelo (his co-worker) and all we did was talk and write stuff down. It was boring!" HA! I love it - he was in a few of my work meetings and that was EXACTLY what was going on.

Anyway, a photo of Zach's family was needed for his "work" to hang on the wall and we took the above photo. I love this photo!!!! Everyone looks so happy and healthy - the way a family should be:-)


Kat said...

What a great looking family!

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Wow....great family indeed!