Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winna Winna Chicken Dinner!

Above: Four Queens!

We went on yet another Vegas trip last weekend. This time we went with four of our friends - Richard, Troy, Ryan and Will. We all stayed at the Luxor and it was a blast. The temps were over 100 degrees and we all enjoyed some lazy time by the pool, gambling and clubbing! The many pictures below speak for themselves!

Above: My new favorite picture! Me and Paul at Krave nightclub in Vegas!

Above: You are not supposed to take photos in the casinos, but thanks to Richard and his Margarita - we have some great photos of us playing Blackjack! ( From far left, me, some Asian guy, Will, Ryan, Troy and Paul.)

Above: Me in a blackjack comma!


Above: Cute picture of Richard and Troy!

Above: Another great photo of PJ and Me.

Above: The beautiful Luxor Hotel.

Above: left to right: Troy, Will, Ryan, Paul and Me at Hard Rock Cafe.

Above: Slot Sluts!

Above: I am not sure if Will is laughing because he is wining or losing??

Above: Troy and Paul in front of FLIGHT in the Luxor.

Above: Five Queens

Above: All of us in old Vegas enjoying one hell of a good time!

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