Monday, February 18, 2008


Above: Me and Kevin at The Bar in the Castro.

A blast from the blast blew into town this weekend, an old friend Kevin Dipilito. I first met Kevin when I started game night in Boston about 4 years ago! Hard to believe. Anyway, it was great seeing Kevin – I think the last time we saw him was about 2 years ago maybe more.

Above: Kevin and Paul at The Bar.

Kevin stopped over last night and we headed out to find a place to eat. I was already kind of in a pissy mood because I have an eye infection; I wear contact lenses – sucks! It is Bear weekend in San Francisco this weekend and I had no idea, I am the furthest thing from a “Bear” for those of you that don’t know, a “Bear” is a big, hairy, burly strapping/heavy man. So, all the restaurants were packed and we finally found this place CafĂ© Flore that is not my fave place, but we went there. It was packed!! It’s the type of eatery where you order your food then you scramble to find a table, I hate places like that because I hate trying to fight for a table. So, I was a bit annoyed that it was so busy and nobody was eating everyone was just sitting down and being loud.

Above: Cafe Flore in the summer.

After we ordered our food and started getting our drinks, the host announced the drag show would start in 5 minutes! WHAT the F&#*! So, I lost it when I realized we weren’t going to get a table because there was a drag show going on. The host should have asked us before we ordered our food if e minded that there was going to be a drag show. So I demanded our money back, but the chef said the food was done. I did make a little scene☺ BUT, the host and chef were great and dug out a table and plopped us down near the door, which was fine. After I cooled down, the drag show was pretty hilarious, the food was terrible. So it all worked out, one drag queen was hilarious singing “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce in Spanish. Classic!

Above: Beyonce in drag!

So then we headed out to meet Ryan and his friend Davin who was in fro Reno. Kathy Griffith was at the Castro Theater as well, so the Castro was hopping! We ended up at a place called The Bar. This bar is very narrow and all the lights are in red. Pretty cool. We hung out for a bit but my eye infection was buggin me so I schlepped home and watched old lady movies”

Above: Kevin, Davin and Mr. Smiley in back that was cruising us!

It was great to see Kevin, glad to hear that school is going well!!

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