Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paula Abdul

Above: Jack, Ryan (both with eyes shut), Me and Paul. Oh and Michael Jackson!

Our friend Jack came to visit us in San Francisco recently! Jack is a good friend of ours from Boston and we were very excited to have him come out. Jack arrived on Thursday of last week and stayed until this past Tuesday. We had an amazing time!

Above: Trick photography. Me taking a picture through the side mirror, Jack is in the backseat!

I stayed home from work on Friday and Jack and I went to the Castro and enjoyed the beautiful day. Every day Jack was in SF, it was 70-degrees and sunny! The weather has been beautiful and it all started when Jack strolled into town! We went to a variety of bookstores and shops and just had a great time catching up. After a long day in the sun shopping, we rested up for happy hour. Now, Boston does not have happy hour...it's actually against the law in Massachusetts...lame. Happy hour out here is EVERYDAY. It usually starts at 6pm and goes until 9pm, depends where you go. So Jack and I headed out to Midnight Sun, it's small video bar. We were the youngest two there, it was an older crowd. Like most of the gay population in SF. We didn't stay long but the drinks for happy hour are buy on get one free..any drink...so after two drinks that were like pure booze we stumbled over to Badlands to meet up with Paul and our friends. At Badlands we all had a blast, Jack got along with most our friends instantly, it was almost like he knew them all his life. We all danced and had a blast! Badlands plays the best music!

Above: Jack and Ryan getting attacked by a crazy lady!

Saturday was clinic day for the start of the softball season.... more on that in another post.... Later that night we headed out to a fun martini bar called, Martunis. We had a few drinks there and meet up with our friend Ryan. After Martuni's we headed over to the best karaoke bar in the world, The Mint! GOOD LORD! We had a blast there! Everytime We have ever been there we always end up talking to some "interesting" people. You can see in the photos I met some VERY interesting people:-)

Above/Below: Oh my! Check out the entourage I met at The Mint!

After The Mint, Ryan, Jack, Paul and I headed to the Folsom bars. Now, none of us have ever been there but we heard stories. All I will say is that they were fun bars, very dark but I would never go there alone. We were all holding onto each other for dear life! A lot of fun though.

Above: This would be an appropriate name for one of the Folsom bars, BUT it was one of the many cafes we ate at.

Sunday, we enjoyed the amazing 70+-degree weather! Paul and I had our first softball practice of the season. Later that day we met up with Jack and went shopping and went exploring in the Golden Gate Park. This park has to be one of the most amazing parks in the world. So many sights to take in. That night, Zach joined the fun and joined us for the Grammy party!

Above: Strawberry Hill at Golden Gate Park! Beautiful!

Above: Check out the size of this tree at G.G.P. Paul and Jack are in the far left hand corner.

Above: You are here!

Above: Paul Johnson.

I am really glad Jack came out. I always considered Jack a good friend but this past weekend was really awesome and I consider him one of my best friends. He’s a great guy that I really connect with him and have a lot in common with him. Jack is someone that I am sure I will know for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday Jack! See you soon!

Above: Jack at The Mint!

*Note: The title of this post can only be understood by Jack, Ryan, Paul and Me:-)

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