Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Geek!

Above: Me at my 6th birthday party.
Good looking kid, I was very happy at this age!

Happy Birthday to me! Well, I am another year older. I can now say I am into my mid-30s! Yahoo! I love being in my 30s and I am lucky enough to be alive and well at 34 years of age.

The thing about birthdays and getting older is how much I realize people change. I have changed so much over the course of 34 years and I thought it would be fun AND
brave to walk through my life in pictures over the past 34 years. I am so comfortable in my own skin, I could care less who views these pictures. Now I will warn you, it's not pretty. I was a cute child but I was an ugly teenager and sickly looking in my 20s. Also, you will see my hair color is constantly changing from brown to blond to brown. Enjoy the photos, laugh at them all you want. I am proud of me and how I have evolved through the years:-) Some people really do get better looking with age:-P

Above: This was my first birthday (1975) and my first bike. I am holding a weeble-wobble.
I was a huge kid. I was born 10 1/2 pounds and had size two feet!

Above: This was the summer of 1978, I was four years old and my parents took me to this really cool zoo. I was a super happy four year old. My parents divorced two months after this picture was taken.

Above: This was my 5th birthday party (1979). In the picture are two young girls Linda and Laura (twins) that used to babysit for me and their younger sister Debbie.

Above: My sixith birthday (1980) with my cousin Nicole and my Pepe in the background.
Sadly, it's the only picture with me and my Pepe - he was the shining light in my childhood.

Above: Ha! I was wearing a pink shirt in my school picture in 1982 at age 8!
Pretty brave during that era, eh? I am just starting to get awkward here.

Above: Ok 1984 was the year I was officially a geek. Yup, that's me in the middle at age 10. Good lord, those glasses and those clothes! I still have no idea why I am all dressed up and my two brothers are in their pajamas!? AND I am holding a glow worm!? oye!

Above: A poloroid from my 12th birthday (1986) - it's amazing I still have these photos! Since my birthday is in February, I never could have a party outdoors, so the above party was in my basement, it was a roller skating party. My best friend at the time, Tammy Rock (far left), gave me a sticker book with over one hundred stickers in it and I was in my glory. Sigh! Check out the odd pin I have pinned on my sweater. Bizarre!

Above: Must be the mullet! If you look closely you can see the mullet. This is my Freshman picture in high-school (1989). I was 15 years old here. I was not voted most popular, let's put it that way....and just when you think I couldn't look worse..scroll down!

Above: HOLY SHIT! Is that really me!? The fall of 1990, 16 years old, my sophomore year in high school. I was the least popular person in my school and my nickname was Igor and Geek-mo-dee. I look a this picture and cannot believe it's me. I had just started dating someone eleven years older than me when this picture was taken. What were you thinking silly boy!?! Nice Bill Cosby sweater.

Above: David Bowie? I look like a completely different person at this stage, age 20 (1994). If you compare this picture to the one above it, it's night and day. I was 30 pounds lighter (120 pounds-scary) and had bleach blond straw for hair!

Above: I was 23 years old (1997) in this picture, I look like a little kid, with my cat Sybil. The table in back of me was a table that I designed, with my partner at the time, and we built it. I was thrilled with the result!

Above: This is me at my moms house on my 27th birthday in 2001!
Oh, the bowl haircut thankfully is gone forever.

Above: My 20's were horrible! I was now 30 years old (2004) in this picture and happy to be out of my 20's. This is when things really started to come togetehr for me as far as my appearance goes. I started working out and I had gained 30 pounds! Which is a good thing since I was only 120 pounds throughout most of my 20's. I love this picure of me taken by one of my best friends, Patrick Lentz.

Above: Me and Paul in 2006, I was age 32 all nice and tan, we had a great time in P-twon for the 4th of July! Great time!

Above: Zachary and me in Fall of 2007 at Dolores Park in California!

Above: 2008 Hurrell shot!


PJ said...

Happy Birthday Mientkiewicz! Glad I know you now :-)

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Happy Birthday!!! It's great to see how you've changed over the years! I love your Hurrell picture at the end. Is that a self portrait?

Menky said...

Glad I know you now too Mr. Johnson!:-)

Menky said...

It is a self portrait, it's very Crawford/Hurrell isn't it? LOL

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Neil! Man--we do go through some changes in life!!

What doesn't kill--makes us stronger!

Stotan40 said...

Happy Birthday (sorry I am a day late)!!!!!!!!!!
Those pictures are classic! You have come a long way baby.

I am glad to here that your 34th year is the happiest one yet


Joan Crawford said...


Menky said...

Thanks Frank!!! :-)

Menky said...

Oh look, even "Joan Crawford" has wished me a happy birthday, how nice! LOL

Dulcette. said...
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Anonymous said...

Again, You really are adorable!