Monday, August 6, 2007


Above: Me, Paul, Will and the birthday boy, Jase.

This past weekend was a typical August summer day here in San Francisco, according to people that have lived here for a while, cold and rainy. I have to say I don’t mind this weather opposed to the humid, stinky August days in Boston. So with the weather being bad it was a great time to go to a few parties!

The first party we went to was a softball end of season party at Tj and Freddy's house. They have a really fabulous place and had a ton of great snacks and drinks, but it seemed that many people didn’t show but all in all we ran into a bunch of Pups players. We then walked with Cody and Jay to Jase's "annual" 29th birthday party. Now I did say it was cool and rainy but when you are walking up hills so steep that you are practically falling backwards you tend to sweat a wee bit, so we arrived at the party as big huge sweat balls. Jase plays on my softball team and is one of the star players. He reminds me of Drew on my old softball team in regards t that they are both extremely tall a, play great ball in the outfield and have a fetish for cute boys in super hero costumes. So we arrived a little late to Jase's party and we missed the sexy Latin stripper that was there, PJ was bummed! LOL The good thing is Jase's boyfriend took pictures so we got to see all the madness that went on while the stripper was there. uhmmm My birthday is Feb 26th all hint hint!

Above: A future birthday stripper?

Jase's party was a blast; he had a ton of people, fun games and a great yummy cake. I even got a pair of red wax lips from the Batman piƱata that Jase viciously attacked. I was thrilled to not only have these new found DSL’s but also excited that they were free! Goodbye collagen..Hello wax lips!

Above: KISS ME!

Sunday PJ and I both had games, PJ's was early so I slept in hee hee....Paul won his game, which is great, and we also won our game, which was even better since we are vying for 1st place in our division. We won the game 23-3!! So we are in a great spot to win the 1st place title, we have a double header next weekend and we are posed to grab the trophy! Note to Brushbacks...I'll be giving softball pointers when I come back to Boston at the end of the year. :-P

After softball we headed to Will, Kurt and John's housewarming party. Their place is amazing; it looks like a showroom from the Pottery Barn catalog. Really nice place boys, very impressive! The party was a blast and the pictures below speak for themselves. It was great to get to know our teammates even better and even meet new friends. Russian River is going to be so much fun boys!

Above: Kyser working his groove out! You go girl!

Above: It don't get any cuter than Kyser!

Above: Jem and the Holograms would be jealous of Kyser's belt!

Above: Richard ( a new friend and Joan fan!) and his husband Troy. Cute pic!

Above: This is Kurt's bedroom...hmmm is this the sign of things to come? Naughty!

Above: The host with the most Kurt serves yummy pizza bites.

Above: John (in yellow) looks like an innocent Polish boy, but wait till you get a few drinks in him!
You have to watch out for thsoe Polish boys!

Above: Joe and Eric gossping about the boys AND the booze!

Above: A cute picture of Will's man, Chris!

Above: Mark...what is that stain on your shirt??

Above: Pups: Carlos, James and Will chill in the Pottery Barnesque living room.

Above: Sauoul( I know I spelled your name wrong) and Derek starring down the camera.

Above: Shawn and Will, nice smiles boys!

Above: Troy (far left) looks like he is telling a pretty interesting story to Mark and Paul.


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