Thursday, August 30, 2007

Russian River Softball Tournament

Above: Pups "D" Team Photo. (left to right back row) Mike, Jase, Joe, Victor & Kurt.
(left to right front row) Derek, Jay, Kyser, Scott, Geena and Me!

Once again, Paul and I were headed back to Russian River this past weekend. This time it was for a softball tournament with several other teams from San Francisco and other California softball teams. Last year my team, The Pups, took the top prize in division “D” and we were hoping to repeat that win.

Above: Jay, Me, Scott and Mike warming up for our first game.

Above: What time is it? 9:15. Number 9 is Kurt and Number 15 is Kyser.

Above: Pups watching the game.

We started of strong by winning all three of our games that we played on Saturday but by the time Sunday game around we ended up only winning one of the three games we played on Sunday, oh well it was still a blast. The Pups "C" team came in second place in their division!

Above: Yup, that's me!

Now we didn’t JUST play softball we also went out to the few local clubs and had a blast. One of the highlights for me was Saturday night at the Triple R. Kyser wanted to do a karaoke duet and I was hesitant since I never do karaoke but I agreed since I was with Kyser. Kyser picked the1982 song “Don’t You Want Me Baby" by Human League. It was a fricken blast! When you pick a karaoke song it should be a song that the crowd can get into and sing-a-long to and that’s just what we did. It was a blast! We also met a really awesome singer, I don’t remember her name but she had a really big voice AND, well she was just big all over!

Above: Oh this picture is too much....the softest pillow ever!!!

Above: Kyser and I bringing down the house!!

Above: "Don't you want me baby! Don't you want me OOOHHHHH!
C'mon sing, you know you want to!

Above: Hotties Cody and Kyser.

It was such a fun time, the other house that we were not staying at had a huge dinner party and both Pup C and D teams got together and had a great time. Check out the fun in the pictures below!

Above: My fave picture of the entire weekend. Paul, Me and Jase.

Above: Victor, Joe, Derek and I at the house party.

Above: Jase looks as if he is ready to take a cat nap.

Above: (left to right) Jeff, Kurt, Joe, Kyser, Jase, Me, Darren and Carlos!

Above: The boys playing Martha Stewart. Joe, Richard and Jay!
Thanks for all the great food!

Above: The party in full swing.

Above: The pool at Russian River Resort.

Above: Check out this tattoo, his entire body!!!

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