Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Always a Bridesmaid...

This past Sunday was my last official softball game of the season; my team "The Pups" were two games away from winning first place in our division. So, we had a double header this past weekend and I was really pumped up to win both games and take the first place trophy. Well, we only had nine of our seventeen players show up for our first game, so we were doomed from the start. We all knew in a way that we were at a disadvantage and we were probably not going to win out first game. We were right; we lost by eight or nine runs and were guaranteed a second place title. BLAH. I wanted first!! Oh well, next year.

Above: Me (#23) and my Pups!

On a side note: my team is awesome. When I came to San Francisco I was weary about playing with another team because I loved playing in Boston on the Brushbacks. Paul encouraged me to play and get on a new team and I reluctantly did. At first it was rough, I was "the new guy" and I think a few people (Will) did not like me at first. BUT as the season went on I can now call "The Pups" not only my teammates, but my friends:-) They are a great group of guys and girls (Jen and Amy) and I look forward to playing with you all next year. (Playing on the field, get your mind out of the gutter!)

Above: Go Pups! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Anyway, everyone rocked on the fields this year and we should all be proud of what we accomplished! Let's kick some ass this weekend in the playoffs and when we go to Russian River, let's lose on purpose so we can just lie by the pool at the RRR.! :-)

(Note: I just found out The Pups withdrew from the playoffs to lack of players!)

Above: Click on the picture, how ironic is the sign on the fence!!!!

Above: on base!:-)

Above: Kyser you will be missed next year on The Pups! :-(

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