Saturday, October 4, 2008

San Francisco LoveFest Love fest 2008

Above: Will, Ryan and Me at Lovefest 2008

What a glorious day in San Francisco, it rained last night for the first time since March - yea it never rains here. It’s either sunny or foggy but no precipitation. Today was another perfect day warm with a nice refreshing breeze a perfect day for the LoveFest! LoveFest? What the hell is that? My thoughts exactly since I never heard of it! My friend Ryan asked me to go so I went while PJ was at a Cal game.

Above: I love this picture I took of a bunch of young kids

It was pretty fun but I am not sure what drugs and being naked has to do with love. Most of the people at this event and there were thousands of people, were either drunk, drugged up, naked or throwing up from one of the three!

Above: His tattoo says Christy....did I tell you I am changing my name to Christy?

Instead of typing about it - I will share the experience through the photos I took....

Above: The scene when I arrived at Lovefest!

Above: A picture of confidence, a man walks naked into a crowd of people.

Above: The same man shows of his good. Someone needs a trim!

Above: Attached by the necks! Love this.

Above: A stunning Wonder Woman!

Above: Some boy calling PJ at the Cal game.

Above: Will and Ryan look at the sea of people.

Above: Booze bags!

Above: It's all about love!

Above: I'll let you read the shirts...

Above: I never understood why the people walking around naked are always the people you DON'T want to see naked....sigh.

Above: P-A-R-T-Y!

Above: Groovy!

Above: Some guy showing off his junk...ummm I am not liking the crotch shaving...

Above: This outfit should be on Project Runway!

Above: A little devil..

Above: Check out this bright light.

Above: Underage drinking BUT he had amazing hair.

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