Sunday, October 26, 2008

Death by Web Posts

I saw the above article in the latest issue of Newsweek. It struck a chord with me because, as most of you know, I have an online stalker and it really is only a matter of time before there are stricter laws towards online stalkers, online bashings and other slanderous remarks people make about others online. The article talks about how one woman killed herself after being bashed online over a period of time. I am in no way at that point or ever felt that way nor will I ever be at that point. It also states how laws are being put into effect about this issue. This article is reported out of South Korea, but it's only a matter of time before these laws reach the states. It's an interesting read. The Internet is the perfect place for a coward, they hide behind the computer and attack people, but in the "real world," they would never have the guts to say what they say online to that persons face.

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rockmomnoff said...

Hi Guys,

I like your blog came over from the Ourfamily post you sent. Gosh this is horrible I never thought about someone stalking people who Blog! Stacey my partner has a blog and it would freak me out if someone started in our her.

See ya, Laura and Stacey