Saturday, October 25, 2008

How are you voting on Prop 8?

Did you know that voting Yes on Prop 8 would make the world perfect!?!? According to this bright light in the video above, if all children are raised with a mother and a father, and gays are not given the rights to marry, the whole world will be perfect! Shit! If we all would have known this insightful revelation we all could be living in a perfect world right now with our mommies and daddies. WHOOP-DEE-DOO! I am constantly amazed at the abundance of stupidity in this world today. Does she realize that most children are brought up in broken homes with only one parent present? Should we take away their rights to raise children since another parent is absent? Aye Carumba!

Please vote No on Prop 8 - taking anyone's rights away is wrong.


Ryan Thomas said...

Here I was thinking better economic and foreign policy would make the world more perfect, but it's inequality that would! I wonder how that women would feel if she was had rights taken away based on her ethnicity or sex? I guess she's about 50-80 years too late for that. That's too bad, I'd like her to know the feeling.

NO ON PROP 8 for a better future for all!

rockmomnoff said...

Gosh it just amazes me how stupid people are! I have been out protesting with these people and the shit that come out of their mouths just makes me want to vomit and kick the shit out of them, but I'm a peaceful supporter so I just go home and scream into a pillow at night instead and have a drink!

Thanks, Laura