Sunday, October 5, 2008

Castro Street Fair 2008 San Francisco

Above: The sea of people in the 'Stro.

And the weekend continues....the Castro Street Fair today and yet again the streets were packed with people. This is really the last bash before San Fran comes into it's rainy season, so I guess everyone is trying to get the last bit of outdoor fun in.

Above: Jay and Will are all smiles at the Castro Street Fair.

The Castro Street Fair was really awesome, I was again in awe of all the people and what I loved about it is that people were just out and about really enjoying themselves and living their lives!

Above: Check out this amazing costume! Imagine how long it took to get ready!

Again, I was the paparazzi taking way too many photos but just think of all the fun we will have when we are old and gray 30 years from now - loking back on all the fun times we had through pictures.

Above: The Three Amigos: Ryan, Paul and Me.

I had a blast with all the amazing people we have neet on this journy in SF! Love to all!

Above: Laughter = Happiness.

Above: Tricks! Jase, Darrin and Joe.

Above: The Gang

Above: Is that you Paul Johnson? Keep moving!

Above: Protection

Above: Deep conversation

Above: Cody and Jay - Cody wins the award for best sunglasses.

Above: As usual, Joe likes two at once.

Above: David with a bunch of cute guys.

Above: Troy and Scott

Above: The San Francisco landfill made it's way to the fair!

Above: Hoboken New Jersey made it's way to the Castro Fair. YIKES!

Above: I think all three of them have seen, spoken and heard plenty of evil!

Above: $20 dolla! $20 dolla!

Above: An outside view of gay bar Moby Dick.

Above: A picture of Ryan taking a picture.

Above: Motley Crue

Above: Great costumes.

Above: An outside view of the Lookout Bar.

Above: Inside the Lookout, Keith and Kyser host a fundraiser for their softball team.

Above: Will talks a guy at the bar.

Above: Paul and Jeff.

Above: The crowd at the look out - I think I see Josephine Baker.

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