Monday, October 13, 2008

Off to War...

Above: God, this picture scares me for so many reasons, Zach's only a kid - seeing him on a tank with a gun sends chills doen my spine.

This past weekend was pretty busy, I was getting over the flu and we had Zach so we wanted to spend some time outside of the house and away from the flu zone!

Above: Zach waiting his turn to play on the field.

Above: Zach playing a game of soccer - he's the one in the red hooded sweatshirt.

Zach had his Saturday morning soccer meet. He is finally getting into it, which is nice. Watching him play, he is very skilled with kicking the soccer ball and maneuvering it. He likes to take his time with the ball rather than run fast and go all over the field. It's nice to see him getting into soccer.

Above: Zach getting behind the wheel of an army truck.

Above: Ready for combat.

After the soccer game we all headed to Fleet Week! The planes have been practicing all week for the air show and we were finally going to go see the show. Paul, Carrie and me walked to the air show from the Marina, Zach rode his bike. - It was a perfect day! All of us were expecting Zach to be into all the planes flying in the sky doing tricks and what have you, but Zach hardly noticed the planes. Zach was infatuated with the real life army men, the tanks, the guns, the missiles etc. He is really into army figures, tanks and anything having to do with the army right now - he has a slew of toys relating to that. For Zach to see real army guys and equipment sent him over the edge.

Above: Boys like guns...

Above: Zach and Carrie ready to climb aboard the tanker.

Above: Zach's trying out the gear...

Above: Zach trying out the gas mask.

I don't support the war in Iraq - I don't support any war. I don’t believe in killing people and training men and women to be killers. Brainwashing people to make them believe that they are serving their country and risking their life is a good thing is pathetic and I feel sorry for the people that get thrown into that trap. That's my opinion; war should be the very last option, if even an option at all.

Above: Zach asked what every button was used for...

Above: A shot of the air show.

Above: Zach inside a tiny submarine... army officer instruting Zach how the submarine works...

Above:..I am hoping he's not asking Zach if he is old enough to join the army.

Zach is a kid, most boys his age are into thinks like guns, army guys, rough stuff, but in no way would I ever want Zach to go off to the military or a war. I would be devastated. Exposing him to what he is interested as a child is healthy but as he gets older I am hoping he won’t be interesting in actually being in the US military.

Above: Zach getting ready to bowl!

Above: Zach throwing his winning spare ball!

Anyway, I'll get off my rant. We ended the weekend taking Zach bowling and we were quite shocked that Zach can bowl!! He is almost a better bowler than I am! Zach scored a 70 in his first game and then an 82 on his second game getting four spares!! We were shocked at how well he was bowling.

Above: Me acting a fool!

Above: Dad and Zach watch the ball roll slooowwllyy down the lane.

Above: Zach gets an 82 and 3 spares in one string!! Amazing!

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