Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Part II

Paul and I have been gearing Zach up for the big night when he would go house to house and collect candy in his Police outfit. Paul carved a pumpkin with Zach a few days before Halloween - it came out pretty good! We placed the pumpkin outside our window and light it up at night! Spooky. We also did an arts and crafts night and we made a little Halloween collage of sorts.

Above: Paul & Zach getting ready to carve the pumpkin.

Above: Zach's Halloween collage!

Halloween night came and went - sadly I had to work late so I missed going trick or treating with Zach, Paul and Carrie. Thankfully, I can experience it all through the pictures Paul took!

Above: Officer Zach Johnson giving the thumbs up that he is ready to start trick or treating!

Above: Zach making sure he doesn't get a rock.

Above: Zach and Carrie checking out the loot!

Above: Making the rounds.

Above: I am sure Zach was wondering why Santa was out on Halloween.

Zach looks very happy! He was thrilled with all his candy, but over did it a bit and got the famous Halloween candy stomach ache from eating too much candy! I remember I used to get so much candy on Halloween that is would last until Christmas!

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Frank said...

I am glad Zach had fun. It was nice to see Paul showing off his cannons in a Brushbacks T-shirt.