Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

Above: Zach giving thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving was one of the best. We all shared a delicious feast at Carrie & Iggy's house. Zach's grandparents Nanny & Pops were in San Francisco with all of us from Boston to enjoy the day. It was great seeing Nanny & Pops and we look forward to seeing them in a few weeks in Boston for the Christmas holidays (Lois hide your cookies.) below are a bunch of pictures of our Thanksgiving. As you can see, we all have a lot to be thankful for.

Above: Ciara's beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table.

Above: Yummy cookies by Ciara.

Above: Paul and Zach.

Above: I love this picture of paul & Zach.

Above/Below: Carrie took these two photos of Zach & his dog Snoopy - very cute.

Above: Iggy carves the turkey.

Above: Zach shows off his plummer's crack while Snoppy is enjoying the smell of Thanksgiving.

Above: Carrie and Nanny dig in!

Above: Chef Ciara gets dessert ready.

Above: The two "dishwaser" clean the plates!

Above/Below: After the feast, we all took a walk on the beach.

Above: A beautiful shot of the boats on the bay.

Above: Golden Gate Bridge on Thanksgiving Day.

Above: Carrie, Zach & Paul walking along the beach.

Above: Carrie, Zach & Snoopy play football on the beach.

Above: Paul & Zach playing football.

Above: Zach really enjoying himself on the beach.

Above: Zach & Pops

Above: Snoopy trying to save the ball before it goes into the ocean.

Above: Carrie and Zach in a great sunset on the beach.

Above: Love this shot of the sunset.

Above: Everyone resting on the couch after great Thanksgiving Day.

Above: Me totally crashed out on the couch.

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