Sunday, November 23, 2008


Above: Rhino the Gerbal, Bolt and Mittens the Cat.

Zachary really enjoys seeing the latest kids movies at the theater and usually it's a snoozefest watching the films, especially the dreadful Clone Wars that we saw a few months ago. Today we took Zach to the new film Bolt. I did not have high hopes for the film and was already starting to nod off the first 5 minutes of the film. Once the film started to get going though I started to gain interest in it. I have to say that Bolt is a good kids movie but an even better film for adults. The humor in the film was excellent! The real standout of the film is the alley cat called Mittens. When Mittens came on the screen and started talking I could not place the hilarious voice - I asked Paul if he knew who the familiar voice was and after a few minutes I saw his eyes light up and said "It's Suzy from Curb Your Enthusiasm!" Yes, it was the comedic actress Susie Essman who plays the loud foul-mouthed wife of Jeff on one of my favorite shows Curb Your Enthusiasm. She really was hilarious as the voice of Mittens.

Above: Zach and Paul getting ready to watch Bolt.

I recommend the film for everyone who wants a good laugh. It's truly an enjoyable film Zach enjoyed it but I think Paul and I enjoyed it more.:-)

Above: Zach doing his impression of a plastic army guy at the theatre.

Above: Zach in front of the promo prop for the upcoming film Marley & Me.

Above: Zach and Paul in front of the Christmas tree inside the theatre.

Above: Zach about to be eaten by a dinosaur.

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PJ said...

I kept waiting for Mittens to yell $*&# you, you 4-eyed $*&#... one of her memorable lines from Curb Your Enthusiasm!!