Saturday, November 15, 2008

We March On!

Above: Great picture of the protest in the Castro.

Above: Andres, Ryan and me marching down Market Street.

Above: An amazing photo taken by PJ.

Above: Powerful protester.

Above: Paul shielding himself from the hot sun.

Today was the nationwide protest against hate and discrimination on gays right to marry! If you're not out there protesting and speaking your mind, then get off your ass and do so! There were hundreds of people from all walks of life protesting and speaking their minds. We walked from City Hall where the main protest was right down Market street into the heart of the Castro. It's a great time to be living in the heart of the protest, San Francisco, and being a part of history. I took several pictures of the march and many of the interesting signs people had made. Check out the photos!

Above: Me listening to the protest.

Above: Andres, Ryan and me marching on.

Above: Puppy Love.

Above: Got rights?

Above: That sign is priceless!

Above: Don't know if I agree with this sign, it would be interesting to see what would have happened if my parents couldn't get a divorce...

Above: The huge march in the Castro.

Above: Love thy Gaybor - hell yes!

Above: What the Cluck!

Above: Great picture PJ took of the Coppers.

Above: Me in the march with Ryan and Andres.

Above: God Bless America.

Above: Love this sign!

Above: Good question!

Above: Ryan and Andres listening to the rally.

Above: Great sign Ryan!

Above: Another great sign!

Above: Maybe gays will have to start living in cages. Cluck!

Above: United We Stand!

Above: City Hall in San Francisco.


Ryan Thomas said...

Estimated headcount in SF was 7,500 people, which is thousands more than last week! Reports out of San Diego, put their protest at 20-25k people and LA's was at about 12k.

Nobody's gonna hold us down! Never can, never will! (throw back to Christina Aguilera!)

Anonymous said...

Never give up, that is exactly what the *morally superior* hypocrites want you to do!!

Btw, thought you might want to share this with other Joan fans - her box sets are practically given away at amazon right now - great Christmas gifts for the unconverted! :)

Julie L.,