Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Television Junkie

The television show I am most looking forward to is the new season of Project Runway! I love this show, it's fun, smart and so creative. The above and below pictures show the upcoming cast of the show. All the guys look pretty gay, maybe it should be called "Project Bumway!" It all starts November 14th!!! Click the images above and below to see the new cast!

The other television shows I currently watch and what I am looking forward to seeing this season are:

Above: The Biggest Loser is the biggest winner on television.

The Biggest Loser- This show is so inspiring and it's actually helping people lose weight and stay healthy. Great show, it makes you want to work out right after you watch it.

Above: Matthew Fox is one of the highlights on the show "Lost."

Lost- I never gave up on this show, I have watched every season. The second season was slow BUT the last season was the best. The ending was amazing. I am so looking for the new shows to start early net year.

Above: Family Guy

Family Guy - The funniest show on television, I love how this show has no shame. Very funny!

Above: The person people always tell me I resemble is Ryan Seacrest.
I am not sure that's a good or bad thing.

American Idol- Another show that I have watched every season. Some people write this show off but it's has changed and is still changing pop culture and today's music.

Above: Foul mouthed Susie Essman and Larry David in one of their many battles.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - I LOVE this show, the smartest comedy o n TV. Brilliant show. Susie deserves an Emmy award.

What shows are you watching?


Mike said...

I love Gossip Girls. You have to start watching it!

David C. said...

Desperate Housewives!!!