Thursday, October 18, 2007

Double Double Toil & Trouble!

Ok, look at the above picture fo Zach at school and how everyone is quietly paying attention and listeing and wait....who is that in the yellow shirt..yup..Zeebs acting a fool! I love it! Zach's school has a daily blog where they post pictures and talk about their daily activities, that's where these pictures are from. Not sure if Zach was in a really good mood, excited about Halloween or excited about Christmas. I was up with him last night listening to Christmas music!


Carrie said...

You should've seen Zebra at Justin's birthday party. All the other kids were marching in lines while he was off doing something else. Robbie's dad leaned over to me and said "he really beats to his own drum, huh?" LOL

Menky said...

I love it! Showing signs of early independence! Keep on beating to that drum Zebra!