Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fair-weather Fans

Above: This picture is everywhere. Still amazes me that this young kid is doing this but it's still quite funny!:-P

Baseball and football have been on our TV literally every weekend for the past several weeks and it’s such an exciting time. Luckily, I like watching sports with Paul. When we were in Vegas it was a blast to see everyone betting on the teams and rooting and cheering for them in the sports book. I really get into watching a good baseball or football game thanks to Paul. I do have to say it was very stressful watching the Indians and Yankees game the other night. I didn’t want to watch another Yankees-Red Sox showdown…no thank you. It’s so damn stressful and cutthroat. Yankees fans are out of their minds and the meanest fans outside of the Oakland Raiders.

So when the poor Yankees were losing in Game 4, when you looked into the stands in the 7th inning most of the seats were empty…talk about ”fair-weather fans!” It’s so easy to be a Yankees fan; they have the most wins in baseball out of any other team in history and more money to spend on getting the best players. The Yankees payroll is $189.7m. and the funny thing is, the Yankees were beat by the Cleveland Indians and the Indians payroll is approx. $56m a year and the Yanks STILL could not beat the Indians. Another thing that gets me is that Steinbrenner is such a piece of shit that he tells his team and Joe Torre that if they lose, Joe Torre is fired. HUH!!?!? Nothing like believing in your team and making them feel good while they are playing. I am glad the Yankees are done, they deserved it.
It goes to show no matter how much money you have or even talent, if you have Darth Vader (Steinbrenner) running the show you’re gunna lose! So the Yankees with say goodbye to A-Rod and probably a few other good players AND to Joe Torre and hopefully this will start a curse for the Yankees. :-P

Above: Ummm, wow who woulda thunk!?

And as far as football goes... The Patriots are going to face of the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. If you watched the Dallas game last weekend, you would have seen that the quarterback of Dallas, Tony Romo threw multiple interceptions showing he sucks as a quarterback and loud mouth Terrell Owens just makes Dallas all the more unlikable. The only good thing I can say about Dallas is they pulled off winning the game, which was impressive, AND they won me a lot of money when I was in Vegas. Plus how can I hate a guy whose last name rhymes with “homo.” HA! So I can’t hate them that much. Look for a great game this weekend, Tom Brady against Tony Romo..only a fool would put their money on Romo.


PJ said...

Is this really Neil who is writing these posts... quoting MLB salary figures, citing Tony Romo stats from Monday Night Football, and shelling out opinions on Joe Torre and George Steinbrenner??? Also, when did you fly to NY to be in that picture with A-Rod?? Things that make you go hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha! You really know your BOY, PJ! What a girly-girl!

Menky said...

BOY, is that the best you can come up with Stephony? Methinks thou dost protest too much! You really need to find something to to with your miserable life.

PJ said...

I never said Neil didn't know anything about sports, he actually has learned a lot about sports and has come a long way. Mind your own business!