Sunday, October 28, 2007


Above: Zach and me rooting for the Sox!

Just another reason to assure the Red Sox Nation that the curse has been banished forever. The curse now lives with the New York Yankees! So long A-Rod! Congrats to the Boston Red Sox...the best team in baseball!!! Two world series wins in four years! If I had to pick an MVP it would either be Dustin Pedroia or Jacoby Ellsbury. Can you imagine what both of these rookies are feeling? Both of them winning world rings and under the age of 25! Amazing! Mike Lowell is the MVP which is must deserved. Nobody wanted this guy two years ago and he totally reshaped himself and here he is...MVP! And what an amazing story of John Lester who was diagnosed with blood cancer last year comes back to get the win for the team. Amazing stories, amazing men, an amazing team!

Above: The future of the Red Sox!

Above: MVP Mike Lowell

Above: Young stud rookie Jacoby Ellsbury.

Above: Another young rookie

Above: Congrats John Lester on your amazing journey!

Above: The best pitcher in baseball, my favorite Red Sox player, Jonathan Papelbon.

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PJ said...

It looks like I won't be flying back to Boston for Games 6 and 7 of the World Series! They need to stop sweeping these teams on the road!!