Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!


Halloween is SO much fun when you have a child! This is Zach's first year of Halloween where he really "gets it." He was great and enjoyed trying to get as much candy as he could and he loved looking at the hundreds of different costumes. We all headed to the Marina where they shut down an entire street. The street was decorated with great Halloween garb and littered with hundreds of children dressed as superheros, pirate, princesses, withes and other creative costumes. Zachary was all set to go as Superman but at the last minute had a costume change and went as Batman! Check out the fun-filled photos below.

Above: Halloween street party!

Above: Zach going in for the kill!

Above: Zach encounters another Batman. Robin you trader!
Wait...I think that was my Robin costume from last year!

Above: Trick or Treat!

Above: BOO!

Above: Mommy is hoping Zach gets some more mini Almond Joy's!

Above: BATMAN!

Above: More candy!

Above: Our pumpkin "Jack" that Zach helped carve!


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Ohhhh....Zach went as Batman! He has excellent taste.

Josh said...

wow! good to see you could use PJ's costume again!

Josh said...

wow! good to see you could use PJ's costume again!

Menky said...

LOL! Oh that was a funny night. CAMEL TOE!