Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now Valley Street Fair

Above: Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Last week our neighborhood, Noe Valley, had a really cool street fair. It was right on our street and it was such a fun thing for kids of all ages. It had many vendors selling handmade items, face painting, music and dance. Zach loved it. Check out the pictures below of our adventure at the street fair.

Above: The Noe Valley Street Fair. 2007

Above: The "tall man" was great. He handed out sidewalk chalk to all the kids.

Above: A pretty lady selling handmade goods.

Above: For sale!

Above: Zach playing with chalk.

Above: Zach explaining to the face painter how he wants a Superman curl painted on his forehead.

Above: Caged animal? NO! Zach trying to have fun in the bounce house.

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