Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Red Sox are going to the World Series!!!

Never doubt the Red Sox.

Oh the ups and downs of being a Red Sox fan! Paul and I never gave up hope and we were in high spirits tonight as we headed out to watch game seven of the Cleveland/Red Sox game to decide which team would go to the World Series. Paul and I wore our Red Sox shirts that Kevin and Jon gave us, mine says "Dice - K" and Paul's says Matsuzaka. We were meting our friend Terry, who has been in London for several months, to watch the game. Of course the friendship was on the line because if the Sox lost, he would have forever been deemed a bad luck charm:-)

Above: Terry, Me and Paul at the Pilsner Inn celebrating!

This was an amazing game to watch. The Colorado series was very anti-climatic and pretty stale because they won their playoff series 4-0. The Sox Cleveland game was "a game," a true nail biter that had me sitting on the edge of the bar stool ripping up a paper coaster. As I was ripping up he coaster I realized that every time I played with the coaster good things were happening!

Above: There it is, the lucky coaster!

Good things DID happen. The Sox blew the game out in the bottom of the 8th. Paul made a great call when in the 9th inning they but Coco Crisp in centerfield, he said “It would be great if Coco made the game winning catch since he had not been playing the past few games…sure as shit…Coco did just that!

Above: This picture has nothing to do with tonight game, I was searching for Sox pictures and this came up. Papelbon is the furthest to the left (cross tattoo on back) in his underwear, NICE ASS!

Another page in red Sox history and it's pretty funny after Paul and I were thinking about how we met recently and it brought us back to when the Red Sox won the World Series right around the time we met. Very cool!:-) Paul is headed to Boston to watch game 6 and 7 IF it gets that far! AND while he is in Boston I can watch the games on our BRAND NEW high-def flat screen TV!!!!

Above: SWEET!



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