Friday, January 30, 2009

Zachary Phelps

Above: Zach the Fish.

It's funny when you're a kid and growing up - you fall into a niche of what your interested and what you enjoying doing rather than what your parents/caregivers think you may be interested. Last year, Zach was enrolled in soccer lessons and it didn't go so well - so Zach decided to bow out of it. I even think we talked about softball with Zach a while back, but that also didn't seem to be his thing.

Above: Zach getting ready for his swim class.

One thing that was very noticeable with Zach throughout his short life so far is that he loves the water. On vacations with his family, he would love going in the ocean and swimming pools and it was obvious he was developing a passion for the water. Carrie recently enrolled Zach in swimming classes and Zach loves it! Carrie was telling me how he was swimming on his own and diving for trinkets in the water and I just couldn't believe it.

Above: Zach dives to the bottom of the pool to retrive the green object. Impressive.

Above: Zach swimming with a kick board.

Above: Underwater.

I went to Zach's swimming class this past weekend and I was floored at how much Zach loves the water and how well he can swim at the young age of five! I am truly impressed and excited to see Zach enjoy something he truly likes - swimming.

I remember when I was a baby, my mother told me that my father read somewhere that if you through a baby into swimming pool that they will naturally swim to the surface. Not sure where he read this BS, BUT that's what my dad did with me and I sunk to the bottom of the pool like a rock. I had a phobia of the water ever since then and it wasn’t until I was 12 years old that I conquered my fear of the water. I took swimming classes, excelled at it and was on a swim team for a short period of time. I, like Zach, love the water and when I bought my first home - the first thing I did was have an in ground swimming pool installed. It was amazing and I would swim day and night in that pool.

Above: Zach and his friend Justin listening to the swim instructor.

I am excited to see where Zach's passion for swimming takes him. It's interesting we are both water signs in the Zodiac and we love the water. One fish to another:-)

Above: Future Olympic Gold Medalist.

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