Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Biz - New Digz - New Prez

It's only been twenty-four days into the New Year and a lot of change is happening already. I love change, especially when it's positive change. The first big thing happening is we are moving into a bigger apartment and we are all really excited about it. We brought Zachary over to the new apartment yesterday and he looked it over with a fine tooth comb and gave it two thumbs up. He was even happier to know that there is a burger and shake place across the street and of course he had to critque how the shakes were in his new neighborhood.

Above: Paul & Zach having a shakedown!

Above: Zach enjoying his shake at Burger Joint.

The next big change that I am overjoyed about is my job. I have been working in advertising for seven years now and the majority of that time I have been working in New Business. I have been at my present agency for two years and the my time there has been working in the stressful world of New Business. I have done very well in my role and we recently won a piece of business. I felt I have done my tome most people don't last two years on new business and I expressed my desire to move on and I am getting what I want. I am very excited to be moving into a new role for an agency and a client that I am passionate about.

And of course we have a new president that is already changing our country for the better!

The New Year is off to a great start!

Above: Zach gearing up for change!

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Michael Rivers said...

Good luck on the new apartment and congrats on your new job. It's always great when things change for the good! I hope 2009 continues to be a great year.