Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This week has been on of he craziest weeks for us. Sadly, Paul was diagnosed with a sever case of vertigo. It started this past Sunday night as what seemed to be the flu but turned into something far worse. By Monday morning, Paul was very dizzy to the point where he was throwing up and not able to do much of anything including walking. He spend most of the day in the hospital on Monday and has been home ever since pretty much confined to the house because if he gets up or moves around for an extended period of time he gets very dizzy and weak.

Vertigo is a bizarre illness that could go away in a matter of days, weeks or months. One never knows. I am hoping Paul gets better soon - it sucks seeing someone that was so physically active just crumble like this.

The upside is each day has shown some progress for Paul but it's a slow progress.....stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Dear Neil, I am sad to learn this and I will pray that Paul will have a full recovery. My thoughts are with you.

Julie L.

Anonymous said...

I hope that he is doing okay...