Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movin' on Up!

Late last year Paul and I decided it's time for us to get a bigger place - we have totally outgrown our cozy two-bedroom apartment. Originally, we were unsure how long we were going to stay in SF, we were going to see how everyone adjusted and see if everyone was happy out here. We are all happy:-)

The apartment hunting started before the holidays and we saw a few places that were just "okay" - we didn't want to settle on a place just because we wanted to move. We wanted something that when we both saw it, we knew that this was the place we wanted to be. We hunted high and low and found nothing before the holidays - we did find a really nice place that was a friend of ours, but it was the wrong timing - we would have had to move in before or right after New Years. So we decided to pass on it.

Above: Lower Haight.

This past week we looked at about a dozen places and everyone had something that was not right - ugly carpeting, small living rooms, not enough space etc....until we looked at one on Thursday night. We decided to check out the Lower Haight area of San Francisco and the first apartment we looked at in this area was the one!

Right when we walked into the place I knew that this was going to be our new home. The floors are all new hardwood dark red cherry floors - stunning floors. The living room is massive and the floor plan is very open. A very open archway connects the living room and dining room. The kitchen is newly remodeled with all stainless steal appliances and enough counter and cabinet space. The bedrooms are large and the bathroom is a perfect size with a nice claw foot bathtub. Another great feature - most apartments are painted on flat eggshell color - this place is paint in colors - it looks like a Pottery Barn catalog.

Above: This is a bad picture of part of the apartment - you can see the amazing floors!

We move in on February 1st - stay tuned for more photos of the place and more posts about our new neighborhood - The Lower Haight of San Francisco!


Patrick Lentz Photography said... looks awesome!

Menky said...

I'll get better pictures once we are moved in. You should come stay with us Patrick!!! Plenty of room!

Patrick Lentz Photography said... soon as I get some money saved, I will! In fact, I may never leave! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Neil: Is there room for more to come visit? :-)